Jacqueline Laurita to Ignore Teresa Giudice Forever, Source Claims

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Dina Manzo may have recently come out and stood up for Teresa Giudice, but an insider tells Us Weekly fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey should not expect the same thing to happen with Jacqueline Laurita.

Laurita "will never speak to Teresa again," this source claims.

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Poor Teresa Giudice

Jacqueline, of course, did not show up for last Sunday's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special.

Caroline Manzo did... but she "hasn't spoken to Teresa in months," this mole adds, saying simply: "Everyone's fighting with Teresa."

What about the relationship between Melissa Gorga and her sister-in-law? They chat occasionally, but merely for "family stuff." Gorga chides Giudice for her attempts to tear their loved ones apart and says of the reunion:

"It was dramatic and painful to watch."

That second description is especially apt.

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Teresa is undoubtlbly the most selfish, self centered, illiterate human I have had the misfortune to see on a show. Plus she is childish, if things do not go her way she solves things by screaming. She beome longs in a jungle with the rest of the apes, WE HAVE FOUND THE MISSING LINK IN NEW JERSEY!!..She's a total freaking APE.. sadly she doesnt learn as quick as the other chimps etc...She really needs to shut up and go away but sadly we get to watch her make an ass of herself on the upcoming Apprentice...ignorance it seems is awarded...even if you are there as the laughing entertainment


MG!!! "Tre" is so ignorant and it shows in her speach! Isn't it funy everyone lies, but "Tre"? Karma will catch her!


I love that Dina and Teresa are still friends. I wish Jacq would wake up too. We could never expect so much from Caroline, but tolerance we should be able to expect from anyone. Really sad Caroline's own family can't expect it from her.


Um Singled out, Youre the moron ur the 1 who cant see wats going on in the show and choosing who u like by the way they talk. do u stare at the tv and say "I like dat one, she talk perrty"? hahaha ur a fuckin retard and cindy james and ashley, u must not watch the show enough teresa has black hair shes not the old controlling cunt with red hair, thats caroline shes the one that hates anyone who has there own oppinion and anything that duznt have to do with her, you no grandma death who has to belive her and her familys shit dnt stink and there ubove drama even tho they ALWAYS start it hahaha


I loved Teresa,now I did question her crazy behavior.Then again,if my family member was on a show,I joined and then acted like I didn't acknowledge the fact she did have something to do with that.Honestly,that means I'm trying to be a big bitch,and want to prove I can do better than her. So,it's simple,women are catty! Make up,get over it,stay friends,family or not. Life goes on,it was fun to look at,though!!


Does this site screen comments? I mean, c'mon it's crazy that someone like Melissa has busted in on this family and instead of working toward solutions stirred all problems into a bigger disaster. Now, people that have been friends for over a decade are no longer? It is upsetting to witness the demise of family and friends and to blame it all on Teresa is ludicrous!


Teresa's sister-in-law and counsin joined the show without first telling Teresa. That would make for a lot of tension. You would never trust your cousin and sister-in-law again if they did not tell you before they signed the contract. Teresa got paranoid around them. I hope Teresa can get her life straightened out and stay away from Kathy. She will have to deal with Melissa.


Ditto!! Teresa is a disgusting illiterate excuse for a human being! She is no better than Danielle.


I love Teresa.
The other ladies are horrible.
In the end the truth will come out.


Teresa needs to learn how to speak appropriately. She vomits out nonsense. Teresa really should think b4 she speak,things would make more sense to Everyone!

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