Is Lindsay Lohan Cutting Herself?!

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You hear crazy stuff about Lindsay Lohan every day, but this is the first time we've heard she's channeling her inner Demi Lovato. Is Lindsay Lohan cutting herself?

The rumor started yesterday thanks to Perez Hilton.

Posting a pic of Lilo with an arrow pointing to her arm - and a witty scribble saying "Are u seeing this?" - the lame blogger insinuated that the train wreck was cutting harder than a Mariano Rivera fastball on the inside corner.

Lindsay Lohan, Red Dress

We wouldn't put it past her (a sad commentary on her downfall of the past few years), but is that douche Perez onto something or just stirring up drama?

Not that she or her people are the least bit credible, but the star herself called the story "ridiculous" and her rep sought to shut it down quickly as well.

"That report is completely fabricated to fill a slow news day, and possibly libelous," Steve Honig told E! News. "The only thing Lindsay is cutting is deals."

Well played, Steve Honig. Not necessarily true, as she hasn't appeared in a movie we can remember in a good couple of years, but still. Well played, sir.

As for the dude above ... we have no idea who the hell that is. But we do know this:

  1. It's not her boyfriend du jour Philipp Plein.
  2. That red dress will look hot on his floor.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


How could anybody think she is pretty...YUCK!!!! and I assure you that I am not talking out of jealousy... She only does these things to stay in the limelight, she figures Kate Gosselin will do anything to stay in mags so can she. She is the biggest loser EVER!!!I would never watch anything she does , she is a waste of skin. Poor me... Poor me... It think you have got away with so many things, and can't wait til you screw up again, and you will. Next time the judge won't be easy on you...

Mano man

lindsay is beautiful and your life is crazy, so it is always doing something crazy haha


Will everyone just let her be! If she is a cutter she will have to deal with it and hopefully her family will help her stop. I am a cutter myself and it doesn't help matters when other people keep talking about it and tell you what to do. Only you can stop yourself, no one else. I love Lindsay Lonhan and have ever since I saw her in Parent Trap and am tired of everyone jumping on her for every single thing that she does or things that happens.


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