Is Courtney Stodden Too Sexy for Facebook?

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This just in: Facebook simply cannot handle the raw sex appeal of Courtney Stodden.

That's the only explanation the 17-year old's attention-ravenous mother can come up with for why the social networking site has removed multiple fan pages dedicated to her daughter.

"It's the jealousy from the women towards her," Krista Keller tells E! News. "The men love her, the women hate her.  The women report the photo because it's so easy to do. You just click a button. They think she's too sexy, they all report her together, and it's done."

Courtney Stodden Facebook Photo

Stodden recently went into detail about her awesome wedding night sex, but her mom insists there's nothing inappropriate on these pages.

"She has never done any nudity," Keller says. "Not a breast, not even a butt cheek. It's just her in a bathing suit!"

Seriously, people, this is a prime example of cyber bullying, something Stodden has experienced before and
something she really hates! It's "ridiculous," Keller says and now it's happening "globally" to her child.

"All the comments from the guys are really good, but the women just call her a slut and a whore. She's just too sexy for Facebook!" Keller concludes.

Do you agree? Is Courtney Stodden too sexy for Facebook?


Skinny is not pretty, or necessarily healthy, just because you dress it up in pretty lingerie.


Of course people are outraged, it's child porn!


The funny part is this is not a good pic, nor the blurry one on the side where she looks like a drunk deer caught in the headlights. If you are going to post pics like this, at least get a professional photographer...once you turn 18. The mother is beyond help


BS! That bitch isn't 17! Even if she was, what kind of mother would allow her 17 year old DAUGHTER to pose in an erotic manner? As long as she doesn't show a "breast" or a "butt-cheek"....PUH-LEASE!! DHR needs to be called on your ass and that "17" year old whore needs to be put under lock and key and let out the day she turns 18 so she can go out whoring herself out the way celebs do these days. Whatever happened to celebs like Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn and the like? We need more role models like those! Screw all these Pamela-Anderson, psycho bitches. That shit is for the birds. I can damn near see that girls pussy lips and that's just disgusting for the mother to allow that.


This girl needs to lay of the E and go back to school!


idk I have daughters 18 and 21 and Im just appalled that a mother could facilitate and approve of this sort of thing. There are sites that are way more appropriate for this sort of narcacissam and it is NOT facebook where there are 10 years olds with profiles!!!! (soory for the spelling errors folks)


WOW, this mother is probably trying to live vicariously through her daughter, that is why she is okay that her 17 year old is posing provocatively. Also the fact that this "little girl" speaks openly about her "awesome wedding night sex" is apalling! No Ms Keller, we women are not jealous of your daughter, we are just telling it like it is, and the fact that you think it's okay that men are complementing her on her racy photos is just plain sick on your part. Instead of talking to E News! why don't you go home and be a parent!


She looks way older than 17.........Really!!!!!!


Her mom is messed up. She's so hung up on the fact that no body parts are exposed. She's missing the point. How many mothers of 17 year olds would be happy to see their child posing like this even fully clothed???? It's not about her body parts it is the fact that mom isn't bothered seeing her child posing sleazy in front of the camera.

Gloria pennington

She's got a nice body,descent face ....but she's asking for BAD.. reveiws & trouble from BAD people. This type picture is for PLAYBOY or Penthouse stuff ....not FB ....The legs cock opened with crouch shining tells people....I want it...she'll probably will get it,now...The right way to get the right kind of attention ....IS NOT that picture!....She'd get more attention with a skirt,stocking, and a nice outfit...she might get lucky and a hook up; A modeling job for Hustler....or RAPED.


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