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Mega-rich dudes like him are part of the problem. The protests are a reflection of people not being able to make it even working 40+ hours a week! Giant corporations are part of the problem, they send jobs overseas-from manufacturing in China to call centers in India, the CEOs are still being paid obscene amounts, yet the middle class keeps disappearing due to these greedy corporate heads slashing pay, benefits and laying off hundreds of thousands of employees (to send their jobs overseas, of course) I am so sick of the super wealthy blaming those who are trying to provide yet still struggle for themselves and their families. There is a special place in hell for greedy, cold-hearted, corporate evil people.




We're getting some interesting clues as to what a Cain Administration will - and won't - do.

For starters, there won't be any effort to stimulate job growth because people would be to lazy to take any jobs that are created.

And since Cain has told the protesters the trillion-dollar heist took place in 2008 and this is 2011 so get over it ... we now know the Statute of Limitations will be reduced to three years.

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