Heather Mills Accused of Sucking, Stiffing Stylist

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Heather Mills is a b!tch who spread horrible lies about Paul McCartney and a cheapskate who never paid for $5,000 haircuts, according to a lawsuit.

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    Amanda Marinus - Hello daar Yolande dankie vir die mooi foto's wat jy van Kobus en Simone geenem het dit is lekker om daarna te kyk. Dit is die 2de keer wat jy van iemand van ons gesin foto's neem albei kere n reuse sukses Jy gaan dit nog ver bring ons sal jou naam in goueletters sien .


    @Nina Great rebuttal.Whats next?Maybe you could talk about someones momma.I'm guessing you were'nt president of your high schools debate team.


    Nina...my (nick)name is Jaybird. NOT jailbird. Remember that. Case closed.


    Free Britney,you probably dream to become a journalist? Reporter? - If not for zoo reportages, learn a human language.

    What about Jailbird369 - instead of counting money in someones pockets,keep your own in order.


    I believe The Bottom Line here is that Heather is BEYOND IRRESPONSIBLE with money!!!!! P-E-O-P-L-E, remember, Heather was awarded (in a quickie divorce settlement when she divorced Paul) $40 million dollars or so. Then, she spent/went through the ENTIRE settlement in just 4 or 5 months!!!!! Heather, you are nothing but a gold-digging and leech-filled MORON!!!!! Heather, financially, why can't you be more like, say, Amy Irving? P-E-O-P-L-E, remember when Amy received that $100 million dollar settlement in her divorce from Steven Spielberg back in the 1980s? Well, I seem to recall that Amy has invested MOST of those millions VERY WISELY. Plus, after her divorce from Spielberg, Amy has INDEPENDENTLY continued on to have a VERY SUCCESSFUL career!!!!! Amy is (among other things) beloved, compassionate, independent, smart and talented. Heather, you are NONE of these things!!!!!


    How mean could be people when judge others!..Shame on you.
    If Paul McCartney married a week ago, #3 "a seemingly nicer" m-me Shevell, it does not mean he was not abusive with #2 wife.
    And for that David Paul-seemingly not gentleman' gesture to create dirty rumors as target.




    Bottom line about her: She is a very mean-spirited woman.


    I never cared for her. I always thought she was out for all she could get from Paul, and wanted publicity on top of that. She was an attractive young swimsuit model, and her accident was very unfortunate, but she seems to play on that plight. I hope Paul fights for his parental rights for his visitation rights to their young daughter. I feel sorry for that little girl having a mother so vengeful.


    Hope David wins his suit AND gets punitive damages....say...$55,000,000 !

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