Happy 21st Birthday, Bristol Palin!

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Bristol Palin, formerly America's favorite unwed teen mom, is now able to buy alcohol legally. Break out the wine coolers and Levi Johnston's tent tonight!!!!!

Just kidding. Seriously, happy 21st birthday, B!

It seems like ages ago that her mom was named to the GOP ticket and Bristol Palin became a household name - essentially for being pregnant as a teenager.

Since then, so much as changed ... well, her face has. Not much else.

Bristol Palin in L.A.
Bristol Photograph

KIDS: They grow up and get plastic surgery so fast these days.

Between feuding with Levi periodically, amusingly advocating for abstinence, making the finals of Dancing With the Stars, battling hecklers and starring in her own reality show with possible beau Kyle Massey, her star is on the rise.

That's both awesome and very, very sad at the same time.

Sadly for THG, but probably best for America, Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012, so Bristol won't be in the limelight nearly as much in the upcoming campaign. Still, we imagine she'll find other ways to milk her 15 minutes.

Check out a little gallery of Bristol through the years:

Bristol Palin After Plastic Surgery
Bristol Palin Before Plastic Surgery
Bristol Palin Post-Plastic Surgery
Bristol Palin Pre-Plastic Surgery
Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin and Tripp
Bristol Palin and Tripp Johnston
BP Spills

Can hardly wait--now Gino and Bristol and little Trippy are going to go a reality show about shacking up, the Palin way. Grandma Heath, Sarah, Bristol, Track's wife, Willow--all had pregnancy scares before marriage--and Bristol is lecturing President Obama on morality and family values. This will air just before the Republican Convention and Mama Palin is laying low and recovering right now from plastic surgery so she will look good in Florida--watch the show so we will all understand what the GOP means by being the party for family values. Palins want to be the election Game Changers in 2012.


The book bombed; Bristol's speaking engagement career is over; she is renting out her Arizona house because she didn't know that you had to be accepted by a college to take courses; and now she is an actress and pimping out her baby to improve the reality show's ratings. Surprised that she didn't take Tripped into the bar when they were staging the fight--does she take him along when she goes caribou hunting on her 21st birthday. On her mom's reality show we learned that Bristol has never learned how to handle a rifle--does she go camping with Levi so she can learn how to shoot an animal in its natural habitat--or did her mom pay someone at the zoo to stage this "make believe" hunting trip.


Free Britney, why are you so hateful and jealous of a beautiful and sweet young woman who has done nothing to you? Please post a photo of yourself so that we can all decide if your looks are acceptable. You'll never have five minutes of fame if this kind of trash writing is what you're peddling. Happy 21st Birthday, Bristol. We cannot wait to see your new reality show with Kyle and Christopher Massey. God bless you and your beautiful and precious son, Tripp.


She's a terrible role model. She gets knocked-up, gets a face lift, and now is living with a black guy for TV. Geesh...where is her mother?


Happy birthday, your a nice person

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Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with -- this isn't ideal. But I'm fortunate to have a supportive family, which is dealing with this together.

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Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can't imagine life without him now.

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