Happy 11th Birthday, Willow Smith!

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Willow Smith will be getting dressed up tonight, but it might be in a birthday crown instead of a Halloween costume. Will and Jada's daughter is now 11!

The young superstar has accomplished more professionally in her decade-and-a-day of living than most aspiring singers accomplish in a lifetime. She has performed on stage with Justin Bieber, released multiple videos and might even star in a remake of Annie.

It helps to have famous parents, and to possess a wealth of talent. Send in your birthday wishes to Willow now!

Also celebrating birthdays today: Justin Chatwin (29), Piper Perabo (35), Vanilla Ice (44) and Dan Rather (80).

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Ha i'st Maya happy birthday willow smith I'm a big fan so come down to raleigh if you can and if you can I'll give you the udress or we are going to have to meet up on the computer so I can give you the udress


This me again hoped youu had lots of candy and hate until yo teeth got rotten LOL(: HOPE you and your family come down here to arkansas in little and surprise me one day with something special keep following your dreams and nev3r listen to the mean comments keep it up love tatyonna Aka naya


Its me again tatyonna i lov everry sonng of yours you go girl and yo brotha jaden is smoken HOT SERIOUSLY i love his smile he's wat 13 and im 13 Girl i would marry him jk he iss sexy i have twenttyfive posters of him in my room and sixteen of u willow srry from little rock aka arkansas lol lmto anyways i hoped you had a great bday


Happy birthday willow im such a big fan listening to my fav song i whip my hair


Thats massive foundation,jst a decade plus 1 old,shes already ther,hapi birthday willow!!


That's an awesome song and Happy Birthday


I wish u a perfect celebration i luv ur songs


This is one ugly celeb kid.


Please send me email @ goodwill74@ovil.com


Hey willow just wanna say Happy Birth day... Am a fan of your Dad Will... I can wait for you to come to S.A, i promise il fly back with ya.... This country sucks.... Chao