Hank Williams Jr. Likens President Obama to Hitler, Renders Even Fox News Panel Speechless

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Are you ready for some insanity?

When Hank Williams Jr. stopped by Fox & Friends this morning to discuss politics (absurd in itself), few could have imagined the views that the country music singer and longtime voice of Monday Night Football espouses.

Williams described this year’s “Golf Summit” between President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner as “One of the biggest political mistakes ever.” Sadly, that was Hank's high water mark for intelligence:

When the co-hosts asked Williams to explain, he offered this scintillating insight: “Come on! Come on! It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu!”

To the Fox News panel's credit, they were clearly dumbstruck, turned off and unsure of how to respond to such an outrageous comment in a live interview.

Still, you have to question the wisdom of having this guy on your show in the first place. You can't find an intelligent conservative voice to talk politics?

Your take: Is Obama a socialist?


UPDATE: ESPN has yanked Williams, saying in a statement: "We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast."

UPDATE #2: ESPN has fired Hank for good. He dubiously claims he quit, citing a violation of the First Amendment, which is just a ridiculous statement. Either way, he's out.

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Ok everyone, What planet are you people from. Hank has been under the influence of something for years. How he got the MNF gig is beyond belief. Let's not get all up in arms over what a drunken,drug addict redneck said and let pour out of his mouth like vomit after another night of honky tonkin. I'm sure if I was the producer of the show I would have had Hank do a piss test or had him blow before going live on-air. Fox News is as stupid as Hank Williams they should have taped it and edited before airing it. LOL radiochickie


For the writer Free Britney, a stage name if there ever was, a buffoon is completely unprofessional. Just like her name. What a bunch of morons. The poll is for morons. Obama is a big time socialist. He has had 4 years to implement his CHANGE and he failed. I don't blame those who voted for him, given your choices. But fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, won't get fooled again:-) If Obama get's reelected God help us all.


im so over people blaming obama for what bush has done. only the people who voted for bush would blame someone else. you all are pathetic.


are you all retarded? He did not compare obama to hitler..he was merely stating how silly it was obama was golfing with who he was golfing with and comparing it to the hypothetical situation of hitler and netanyahu golfing together...i mean really people are americans really this fucking stupid that they do not understand an analogy? i spent 5 years in afghanistan, only to come back to the stupidest bunch of fucking people i have ever seen in my life.


Mr. Williams' comment is totally out of line. While I believe in freedom of speech, I definitely believe that we have to be careful of the words we speak. Comparing President Obama to Hitler is not only morally wrong, it totally disrespects the office of the President of the United States. We must all remember that this is the person Mr. Williams is speaking about--the leader of our country. Whether you agree with the President's politics or not, he does deserve the respect of the office he holds. I think, if Mr. Williams had really thought about it, he could have seen how horribly wrong his remarks were. When he said he was speaking for the millions of Americans that are in a world of hurt financially, he did not speak for me in insulting the President of the United States.


He was not too far off base: Hitler ruined Germany....Oblamer has ruined the USA.


Not that I expected much, but wow! did Hank sound like a complete moron! And, to be honest, he looked like one too. I cannot express how absolutely stupid this whole video clip was. Even for Fox news and their crazy political agenda.


Come on people... Hank Williams DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE PRESIDENT BEING BLACK, WHITE, PINK OR PURPLE!!! He did not say the President was Hitler or that the Speaker of the House is the Israeli Prime Minister. What he was doing was making an analogy... The President playing golf with his arch nemesis would be like Hitler, who exterminated millions of Jews, to be seen with the Israeli Prime Minister, the leader of the Jewish nation. Are you that obtuse and cannot see this. Where was the outrage when the liberal left news pundits refered to President Bush's cabinet members as "goose stepping brown shirts". An obvious reference to Nazi soldiers. One can than infer that they were calling President Bush Hitler. Think before you write!!!!!!!


What an idiot. Even a moron knows that Nazism was/is a RIGHT wing movement. The platform of the Tea Party and the American Nazi Party are identical.


I don't agree with what he said. Now with that being stated I do believe in freedom of speech. It was his opion an ignorant one,but it was his to make. To compare Obama to Hitler Is like me comparing Sarah Palin to Sadam. It's completely irresponsible, ignorant, and unecessary. Just because one don't agree with one politics or policies. Doesn't give you the right to compare a person to such evil, injustice and dispicable beings.