Hank Williams Jr. Likens President Obama to Hitler, Renders Even Fox News Panel Speechless

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Are you ready for some insanity?

When Hank Williams Jr. stopped by Fox & Friends this morning to discuss politics (absurd in itself), few could have imagined the views that the country music singer and longtime voice of Monday Night Football espouses.

Williams described this year’s “Golf Summit” between President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner as “One of the biggest political mistakes ever.” Sadly, that was Hank's high water mark for intelligence:

When the co-hosts asked Williams to explain, he offered this scintillating insight: “Come on! Come on! It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu!”

To the Fox News panel's credit, they were clearly dumbstruck, turned off and unsure of how to respond to such an outrageous comment in a live interview.

Still, you have to question the wisdom of having this guy on your show in the first place. You can't find an intelligent conservative voice to talk politics?

Your take: Is Obama a socialist?

UPDATE: ESPN has yanked Williams, saying in a statement: "We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast."

UPDATE #2: ESPN has fired Hank for good. He dubiously claims he quit, citing a violation of the First Amendment, which is just a ridiculous statement. Either way, he's out.

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So Unreal!!! Other presidents have been called SO many names by the media, movie stars etc..... God forbid we say anything about President Obama you get Slammed & Trashed down the FLUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is what happens when a Father dies in the back of a car drunk and loaded. It's too bad that Jr never learned respect or manners.
Hank Williams Jr fell on his head once to often and is a moron.


Dumb thing to say....but no evidence that it was racially motivated.
Seriously, if a white person criticizes or opposes a black person, must it always be due to racism? Are blacks always right suddenly?


It saddeds me that we still disrepect the President, black or white. Has anyone ever thought...I have...It is a racist world and it is not going to change even when there is no black or white people...just mixed! The same white boys in 1973 that refused to hold my hand in mandatory dance class in school probaly have mixed race grandkids! I do.


Hank is entitled to his opinion just like the rest of America. I think it's funny how people automatically bring race to question when comparing Obama to Hitler. Race has nothing to do with it and I am personally happy to see a celebrity who doesn't support Obama. Obama has tried to centralize services for tax paying Americans and force us in to universal healthcare along with many other things. Didn't Hitler go against his people as well?


Just another racist moron.


Well the truth of the matter is Hank has a right to his opinion! I've heard things come out of this prez's mouth that didn't show me he had much respect for our country the same one he is suppose to be running. You earn respect and Obama hasn't earn any respect as far as I'm concerned. He has disrespected my country on many occassions, thats enough for me.




Will not be watching FOX again. We were given freedom of speech many years ago , But now they are telling us we can only speak what others agree with. I fully agree with Hank, our so called president is so stupid, can't wait until he is out of our lives and off TV forever. Bush was a very good president and this one has really screwed up our country. Now I have said what I wanted, so come and get me. ha ha ha ha


And we are so surprised...why? Hank Jr. is a sad, sick man. The people at Fox are the ones who hired this dimwit in the first place, so tell me how they haven't heard him rant before and didn't know what was coming? And while I did not vote for Bush, I at least respected the office he held. I would have loved to call that man "Hitler" a few times for things he did re: national security, wire tapping, etc. Many unconventional, illegal, unconstitutional things during his admin. Trying to transition from one Admin. to another in less than four years is next to impossible for ANY President, esp. when you have the "other side" always working against you because you aren't theirs. All we seem to do is waffle back and forth between Admin. because they feel they have to change so many things in a short period of time. Four years later...we're at it again! No wonder we aren't getting anyplace!