Hank Williams Jr. Apologizes For Obama-Hitler Line

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Hank Williams Jr. has issued an apology, brief but apparently sincere, for the absurd comments on Fox News this week that got him kicked off Monday Night Football.

The singer called his Obama-Hitler comparison "misunderstood" in a statement earlier Tuesday, going on to explain more tactfully what he meant but not retracting it.

Now, in a second statement, he admitted it was "dumb" and apologized.

According to Hank Williams, Jr.: "The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin [sic] and high fiven [sic] on the golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement."

That it did.

He adds, in conclusion, that "I am very sorry if it offended anyone. I would like to thank all my supporters. This was not written by some publicist.”

Hopefully this ends Hank's run as a Fox political analyst. As far as we know, no one has asked for his opinions on Chris Christie not running.




He lost me as fan. He should of never said what he did. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!


Well, his father had a bit of class, but it's lost on Jr. here. Wow, what a totally typical stereotype of a country singer born into the indusry. Whenever someone knocks ANY person another admires, it usually only makes the supporter double down on efforts on behalf of. So, he sadly shows himself to have little tact, and any result he wants will certainly not come about. And then he has to give the lame apology....but only to his own, who probably weren't insulted, or anyone (again his own) who might have felt it. He's a boob.


sorry i agree with Hank! And im sick of hearing that people are only critical of Obama because hes not white. Give me a brake people!!! Mr. Obama doesnt seem to be that sensitive about being a man of color and we critique all congress members black, white, asian, whatever all the same!! Its an opinion and these loosers that ask people for their opinions just to blow them out of purporsion shouldnt be on television anyway! ASK someone to explain their analogy before you allow the public to put words or meanings in that werent the case!


S0 UNREAL!! SO many presidents have been slammed with Ugly comments by the media & public etc....... God forbid anything is said
about President Obama!! U are Trashed down the Stinkin' FLUSHER!!!!!!


I'm glad he apologized. He never should have said that in the first place. Stupid Idiot


Aw come on, you know d@mn well that most white american dosnt like Obama because he is half black.

Naomi blue

What do you mean "white people can't except the fact that a black man is President"? Obama is just as white as he is black. He's half white and half black. You don't see us white people complaining that the blacks can't accept that a white man is president! This is the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard!


@Bob I totally agree wit u...Obama wouldn't have it so hard if he wasn't black..Our elected white leaders refuse to take orders from a black man...put ur ego's (leaders)aside an work wit the man to fit the problems that was there before he entered office!


Hank Williams Jr Apologies for Hitler-Obama Comparison Comments Full Statement here: http://is.gd/UC5f8T

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