Guy Firebombs Taco Bell Over Alleged Chalupa Meat Skimping

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An irate Taco Bell customer did not take kindly to the fast food giant skimping on the meat in his chalupa on Sunday. His recourse? Firebombing the joint.

Georgia police are hunting for the aggrieved patron after he threw a Molotov cocktail at the restaurant’s drive-thru window after phoning in a complaint.

Guess the phone response he received was insufficient.

Taco Bell Chalupa

The bizarre incident occurred in Albany, Ga. Fortunately, the small blaze did not cause injuries or damage to the building, but it terrified the staff.

Manager Cynthia Thompson told cops that, shortly before the firebombing, a man called the restaurant to whine about the reported meat shortage.

The caller said that “after getting home realized that there was not enough stuffing inside of his chalupas, and demanded his order be corrected.”

When Thompson “could not accommodate him because the business was closing,” the man replied, “You must be one of them n---ers up there.”

He added, “That’s alright, I’ll just come and redecorate the place.”

This story? Not exactly uplifting for one's faith in humanity.


I bought 4 nacho cheese chalupas a few nights ago.....was LITERALLY no meat at all, only cheese and a pound of lettuce. What genius put cheese on a chalupa that obviously had no meat on it? That is deliberate, or else they're getting a tax break by letting retarded people work there, in which case they should be supervised. That was my last $8 and I was starving and had nothing to eat at home. I was not happy. Taco Bell can suck it


@THETRUTH you are uneducated and make no scence first of all taco bell is not real authintic mexican food its a metophore we like to call fake mexican food so why are you blaming mexicans its not like the meat is imported from mexico just because they slapped a mexican slogan on the restraunt doesnt make it mexican dominated idiot


I just ate one of those today. I basically got no meat. It was like a salad on a crispy torttila. It was my second time because i thought of giving it a second go. After everyone found out there meat ingerdints, they've been skimping out on there meat. Little nasties, where are you hiding the meat?? Can you tell me? Dirty sweaty mexicans


I got one of those recently and it looked just like the XXL Chalupa above if you left out half of the ingredients It looked lite on stuffing. I did not firebomb the place. I will think twice before going back to Taco Bell. There has always been false advertising when it came to fast food. We've all seen the BK "whopper" in ads. It's so tall it looks like it may fall over. What do you find when you unwrap one? A wet, smashed and hard to eat mess that is more like a salad on a meat bun.


I really love taco bell. And I really enjoy every bit of pieces.




I work at a nice taco bell.... My managers and I take great pride in ur work even thought people look down on us.... Yes we make mistakes but I always fix it and my customers are always happy and we rarely receive any prc's (complains)... The portions are small depending on what you get.... don't order a 99cent item and expect it to have a lot of stuff...its under a dollar people ....them xxls are not as big as they look on the commercial but they do get 2 scoops of meat....


Taco Hell Latina workers are mean to me so I no longer go to Taco He'll. Taco Hell needs to train their Latina and Latino workers to be nicer and go back to
The Yo quierro Taco Bell days.


I don't eat at Taco Bell anymore for this reason - 1/3 of the filling of what used to be in the item with the same price. Not good value.


This is a classic case of the customer *Not always being right. By all indications, he was looking for a reason to explode.
@ Free Britney,
Thank you for making your readers aware of the fact that None of the employees were injured.