Gun, Cash, Weed Found in Soulja Boy's Briefcase

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Police found marijuana, over $70,000 in case AND a gun during Soulja Boy's arrest early Tuesday, with the goods found in a briefcase belonging to the star.

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    @traci 1 nobody cares if ur fuckin white or not.2 u dnt know where everybody from so maybe in other ppls state they only pull ovr blacks.3 u realli need to shut tha fuck up ur retarted bitch


    qiero millones de cash


    Oh my gosh! How sickening someone would even through out the "race card" I am so sick of hearing that big bunch of bull crap everytime a black person gets in trouble. Guess what I was pulled over for a burnt out brake light about 5 years ago! Omg, I'm white, that's the only reason they pulled me over! The fact is he was found what he was found with and now has to pay the consequences. Black or white, that's what the truth is.


    o and playaplaya55~ its not bcuz they r black, its bcuz they were stupid! lmao they r not victims of anyone but themselves!!!


    uuummmm~ ok mp thats bcuz they were being idiots! first of all theyshudnt be fkng around with that shit, they have been blessed to not need to hustle and they are only ruining and not appreciating wut they have. secondly~ if they really feel the need to drive around with all dat shit AND get high wtih all the freakin moneythey have they shudda paid someone to drive separately with anything questionable so they wud have only beencaught with wut they were smoking! so yes~ IDIOTS is a perfect word for those fools!


    A thug. Who's surprised?

    These days, the media glorifies the most despicable 'celebrities' & almost totally ignores anyone who is anything close to a role model.

    I suppose this is welcome by the REAL STARS who prefer to do their jobs & still have a private life. Let the freaks & attention whores serve as bait for the media. lol


    Thatz sum bullshit really a busted tail light this man has millions I'm sure they just wanted too fuck with another black star dey got bossie, ti,Wayne,50 n many more black starz what's the possibility that they keep pulling black stars ova


    Idiots.....damn....I hope you guys are using the same kind of words to describe Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen!

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