Giuliana Rancic Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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Giuliana Rancic has cancer.

The E! personality had an announcement to make during a Monday appearance on Today, which we expected to be a joyous one: That she was pregnant at last.

That made the actual announcement all the more heartbreaking. "I have early stage breast cancer," the 37-year-old told Today host Ann Curry, adding that her doctor made the frightening discovery back in August as she was about to begin IVF.

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Rancic explained that her doctor sternly insisted that she get a mammogram before going through with the third IVF treatment. That might have saved her life.

The star, who said she has no family history of breast cancer, "wasn't prepared to get a mammogram until I was 40 years old," she admitted.

"I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong."

When the hospital called a few days later to tell her the shocking news, Rancic says she was "sobbing... It was like the world just crashed around me."

But she says, "I will be okay, because I found it early. I'm doing surgery this coming week, and then I go to radiation for six and a half weeks."

At her side throughout the ordeal, of course, is doting husband Bill Rancic. "Bill is unbelievable," Giuliana gushed. "He lets me cry when I want to cry."

"He just lets me feel what I want to feel."

As for her pregnancy plans, she says this:

"I'm not gonna give up. That baby will have saved my life," she mused. "There's some master plan. Now I know that [God] was looking out for me. I think a lot of us think we're invincible. We have to start putting ourselves on the to do list."

Terrifying as it must have been, thank goodness it was caught early. Here's wishing Giuliana and all those suffering from cancer a full and fast recovery.



hey love am sorry for this stage u passing through the joy of the lord will be u n bills strenght


Jules when I read this I called my mom and told her the news ,we were both upset because we love your show soo much and we find you a down to earth person and we relate to you , I am going through IVF a thrid time and I feel for you and I hope once you cross this hurdle your other dream of having a baby will come true !! Stay strong and you will get through this !


You are amazing of World!


this adds credence to the fact her ph acid levels may have been too high and what was causing her not to concieve. so sorry to hear that, hoping she will be ok


Founding a diagoses early is the only thing you can do.Journey isn't what we make of it it's how we get though it it's a long way back to feeling okay again.Cancer surivor for 11 years.Prayers out to you and Bill and the families.


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God Bless you Giliana! I wish you safest and 100% recovery!You are loved and adored by so many people. Stay strong and trust in


Praying 4 u and yours!


Amazing, how sometimes in a problem/crisis aka a little trouble getting pregnant, comes a miracle...although many don't believe in God, He believes in them! God Bless and speedy healing to this couple


I wish her a full and fast recovery. I hope she gets well soon.