Girl Fight: Lifetime Film Explores World of Teen Bullying

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Bullying. It's all the rage these days ... pun not intended.

Girl Fight, the Lifetime movie based on a true story of a teen beating in Florida, premiered last night. What was so important about this particular story?

A self-described brainiac, 16-year-old Haley enters her senior year of high school determined to have some more fun. Enter the popular girls led by Alexa.

Alexa welcomes her into the fold after she does her a few favors, but not all of the popular girls like her. Soon enough, Haley is being full-on cyber-bullied.

After that, Facebook taunts give way to physical violence.

Anne Heche and James Tupper Photo

Anne Heche and James Tupper, a real life couple, play Haley’s parents.

Girl Fight is trying to tell a bigger story than that of Victoria “Tori” Lindsay, the girl assaulted in Lakeland, Fla. Lifetime producers call the film "universal."

It depicts the tragic world of bullying, but also sends a message of forgiveness, says Jodelle Ferland, 16, plays Haley, the girl attacked by her peers.

“She’s just a normal girl trying to fit in. How she got through it [the attack] showed a lot of courage. She was angry, but she never wanted revenge.”

She described the movie as instructive because it helps families deal with issues, such as violence and resolving conflict - breaking the cycle at last.

It's a strong message. As Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and countless other stars have told us in recent months, bullying is a cycle that must be broken.


i watched the movie it made me so sad i can't believe things like this even happen like how can anyone with a soul do something like this if i were that mother id honestly would of never felt bad when they obviously laughed about it in jail they should of stayed there FOREVER!


I saw the movie last night. After that I could not sleep.
Those girls should had spend at least a year in prison, plus probation, plus community services, plus mandatory psychotherapy. That way, they learned a lesson and other teenagers out there would think twice before they do such a brutal act. Cyber-bullied or any type of bullied has to stop!


I watched this movie last night so messed up she said that stuff before she was friends with them and to have 5 against 1 is so wrong. Why do ppl have to act that way why not just ignore the comments ppl say..


i saw the movie and the heartlessness of those girls made me sick, it was as if they felt no remorse for doing that. in my opinion they are stupid for doing it and recording it! i mean really? they practically turned their selves in.


@karena, just cuz u were bullyed doesnt give u the right to be a bully! BREAK THE CYCLE! I'm sorry u had to go thru what u did, but why put others thru the same thing? U know how it feels so why would u want to make anyone feel like that? so sad.


I have been bullied my whole life for battling cancer, being short, being smart, being quiet, being too thin, being Asian, etc. I am the bullied who turned into the bully in high school and I don't regret it. No I was not a pick-on-someone-random bully, with me, it takes one bad impression for me to snap back and say my piece. I don't believe in forgiveness in bullies. One cannot use the excuse of oO "I had a hard life" to back him or her up all the time. We've all had hard lives, so cry me a river and tell your sob story to someone who cares. I believe being bullied turned me into a better more confident individual who is not afraid to stand up for herself. If I were Haley, I would have gone ahead with life sentences or whatever severe punishment.


i saw part of it actually was pretty good

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