Girl Fight: Lifetime Film Explores World of Teen Bullying

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Bullying. It's all the rage these days ... pun not intended.

Girl Fight, the Lifetime movie based on a true story of a teen beating in Florida, premiered last night. What was so important about this particular story?

A self-described brainiac, 16-year-old Haley enters her senior year of high school determined to have some more fun. Enter the popular girls led by Alexa.

Alexa welcomes her into the fold after she does her a few favors, but not all of the popular girls like her. Soon enough, Haley is being full-on cyber-bullied.

After that, Facebook taunts give way to physical violence.

Anne Heche and James Tupper Photo

Anne Heche and James Tupper, a real life couple, play Haley’s parents.

Girl Fight is trying to tell a bigger story than that of Victoria “Tori” Lindsay, the girl assaulted in Lakeland, Fla. Lifetime producers call the film "universal."

It depicts the tragic world of bullying, but also sends a message of forgiveness, says Jodelle Ferland, 16, plays Haley, the girl attacked by her peers.

“She’s just a normal girl trying to fit in. How she got through it [the attack] showed a lot of courage. She was angry, but she never wanted revenge.”

She described the movie as instructive because it helps families deal with issues, such as violence and resolving conflict - breaking the cycle at last.

It's a strong message. As Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and countless other stars have told us in recent months, bullying is a cycle that must be broken.


I love and hate this movie I seen it and I just remember when I was bullied not too long ago by a bunch of girls I got so mad I just wanted to jump through the t.v. And beat the living blank out of those girls expect that bitch with the blonde hair and big ass nose but I have not seen it on lifetime again god I want to see it again please play the movie again lifetime thank u


Those girls need good beating themselves. Wait weren't to of the girls being abused by their parents? Why beat another girl when they know how it feels.


dude these chicks are jerk weeds i saw it and almost threw up i was so tramatised, it was awful my mom almost died she was so scared that it could have happend to me i hated but loved the movie if you get what im saying.


Umm Tese Girls Got To Stay In JailFor They Intir Day


i am watchin tha movie right now, and that is full of shit that them girls did that i teach my daughter not to do things like that show respect and you will get respect back, I dont like popular people they are fake people and always will it better to hang by yourself and not try to be friends with people that are fake and foney


This movie really sent a good message 2 those being bullied and those who r bullies. God Bless the real young lady who was being bullied u 4 gave them and moved on. This should be a life learned lession 2 those girls who bullied her. God Bless u and ur family.


I have to admit after watching this movie i was pissed the fuck off. These girls need some god damn dicipline. I would love for someone to send them my way. Id turn their world upside down.


i have to beat thhat bitch shit that was a bad thing to do really iff was her puch her at the doo r and run


i watched this movie and i was so upset that i dont want to see it agin i felt sorry for that girl.i wish her the best because of what she did. she couldda made them go to jail but she didnt.


those fucking bitches should pay for wat they did to haley if i was haley`s mom right wen i steped into that door i would have fucked them up because if some one does that to my daughter i would be laughing infront of their grave and to think haley was so nice to bitch leader she just stand their and watch her got beating trust me i should have been thier cause trust me they would have died and she really told them sorry well because she was in pain she told them sorry but pain or no pain i ain`t saying sorry they diserve to get locked up but ashley should not have been realeased oct. 4, this year she should have rot in jail.

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