Eminem Opens Up About Drug Addiction, Recovery

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The bigger the crowd, the bigger my habit got.

So says Eminem in the latest issue of GQ, as the rapper holds little back when discussing the addiction that almost got him killed.

Eminem in GQ

“I’m very much a creature of habit,” the artist tells the magazine. “If I’m used to waking up in the morning and having [a Red Bull], I could do it every morning for the next ten years straight until I find something else to move on to. So if I’m used to taking a Vicodin when I wake up in the morning because I’m hungover from ­drinking or taking pills."

Pick up GQ for a lot more from Eminem's interview's, excerpts from which we've posted below.

On a stint in rehab: "Every addict in rehab feels like everyone’s staring at them. With me? Everyone was staring at me.”

On finally seeking help: "I had a feeling in my arm that was weird, man. Like, it really freaked me out. So I went to some people I trust and said, ‘Look, I know I need help. I’m ready now.’ I got a room in the same hospital where I overdosed, and I detoxed."

On addiction: "I wish I was wired like a regular person and could go have a f-ckin’ drink,. But that’s the biggest thing about addiction: When you realize that you cannot f-ck around with nothing ever again. I never understood when people would say it’s a disease. Like, ‘Stop it, dickhead. It’s not a disease!’ But I finally realized it really is.”


Eminem`s a fighter! Love you!


i luv eminem.he is my best raper nd will always be


im glad you comed to realize that it is a disease, i have lost two brother's and a sister to overdoses. and as you have been there myself thank you for your encourgeing words


Well some people are not able to do it without tons of help and support such as rehab. That's why we as people have various personalities... It's a personal achievement to b able to wing yourself off however I can't help but think then were u really an addict if you decided one day to quit? Nope, not really. An addict is some who cannot quit and needs extra help. It's like Autism. Autism is not a disease its a persuasive developmental disorder...so many people do not understand disorder from disease; so in theory, alcoholism and drug addiction CAN b a disease, depending on ones personality in addition to their family's history and that's why its labeled disease because it is inherited( just like hiv and aids can b passed down)


Addiction is a disease ... 40% of people are born with the gene all you have to do is find what hits the sweet spot and youre hooked and it does last forever ... You cant just shoot heroin one more time or have one more drink ... Youll be right back where you were 2 or 22 years ago doesnt matter thats what makes it a DISEASE PEOPLE!


I disagree him Em on addiction being a disease. I was once a drug addict but through personal responsiblity & discipline, I am proud to say I am 17 years sober and have conquered my addiction. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. The difference is addiction is a choice. If drugs were a disease, I would still be an addict, which I am clearly not. I now have cancer, not a choice & I will have this disease (cancer) for the rest of my life. A disease lasts forever... A lifestyle choice can be changed. I'm living proof


Em is my fav rapper this man got plenty rap artist beat then also hes a handsum whiteboy keep ur head up em u rock


Yaaaay! I love Em. He can do no wrong in my book. Glad he's getting the help he needs.


good luck in your rehab...I'll be celebrating 20 years in recovery,tomorrow...one day at a time...