Drunk Amber Portwood Brags About Owning House, Car in Barroom Screaming Match

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Nice to see Amber Portwood is pulling it together so well these days.

On Saturday, the same day we reported what a suicidal wreck she still is, Amber got in an altercation while drinking at the 59th Street Pub in Anderson, Ind.

Those court-ordered anger management classes? Money well spent.

Clueless Amber

An onlooker says she was drinking and got into a fight with some girls on the dance floor of the club, where the 21-year-old Teen Mom star is a regular.

“Some people can’t handle fame,” a witness says. “They were on the dance floor, it was crowded on a Saturday night, and she bumped into some girls."

Words were exchanged.

"Amber ended up saying ‘You’re just jealous because I own a house and a car,’ and that made it worse. The other girls tried, but she couldn’t let it go!”

According to the witness, Amber Portwood was drinking, but wasn’t “wasted” outside the club early in the morning when she was screaming at a girl.

“She’s just young and I think she likes being the center of attention,” the source adds. “She wants to tell everybody what she has and what she owns and that makes people mad. She basically thinks she’s better than everyone else.”

She's basically totally wrong.

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But comittting an act of violence in front of her daughter IS damaging! I remember bad things from when I was as young as Leah...


Though my only other comment is that she's never hurt her daughter. She hurt her ex, which I think we've probably all wanted to at one point or another. Not that its right, but....let's be honest!


I know Indiana and it sucks. My mom was on the first season of big brother. People feel such a sense of entitlement and arrogance there. I don't miss it at all. I'm happy to be 2000 miles away. Reality tv life is a joke! Though it got me out of Indiana, so in some ways I'm thankful. I think amber was misunderstood to begin with and given great sums of money before having the wisdom to handle the rough patches. I hope she comes through though and I wish her and leah nothing but the best.


I DON'T think it's "perfectly understandable" to act that way when you're a mother. If someone is trying to bring you down with words of hate and immaturity, then rise above and act like the grown person you are. Just because someone says something nasty, doesn't mean that you have to stoop that low as well. Amber needs to act like an adult. Also, there is something wrong with people thinking that just because someone owns a house and car means that, that person "has her shit together." That pretty much means that MTV has paid for those possessions. I wouldn't say that someone who is having encounters with CPS and the local jail is on the right track...


I think shes a baligerant idiot!!


I think it's perfectly understandable for Amber to throw that in someones face when they are bashing her, (prob. bashing her about her TV imagine and daughter *the one thing you DON'T bring up to a mother) because these girls doing it are her age so it's understandable if they are talking crap to be like I got a house a car and my shit together what the hell do you got!
I don't think she's wrong!


That's hilarious! I love Amber, I love when she smack the ish out of Gary... it is really very entertaining :)


Lol I was there and she barley said anything to the girl I go there almost every weekend that's the first time I even saw her there. She didn't look like any threat to me. Girls are just jealous ass bitches up there and don't know how to handle being around ppl expecially ppl they see on tv.


I think amber is a misunderstood genius.

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