Dr. Conrad Murray Lawyer: Michael Jackson Had PLENTY of Time to Off Himself

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Dr. Conrad Murray's attorneys are trying to change defendant's defense in his involuntary manslaughter trial, telling jurors Michael Jackson had much more than two minutes alone self-administer a fatal dose of Propofol June 25, 2009.

By claiming this, they are contradicting Murray's own statement.

Murray's attorney J. Michael Flanagan suggested that the two-minute window Murray said he left the star alone for that morning wasn't accurate after all.

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Prosecutors have lambasted the idea that MJ could have woken up, grabbed a bottle of Propofol and injected it into the port in his leg in just two minutes.

Interestingly, by suggesting it was a longer window of time, Flanagan is basically saying Murray lied to police ... but Flanagan's version is likely correct.

In the hour before Murray began resuscitating Jackson, he was on the phone for around 45 minutes, according to police and the many women he called.

Cops never believed Murray was gone only two minutes, and apparently, neither do Murray's own lawyers defense, since it gives their theory more time.

Flanagan said while questioning an expert who criticized Murray's decisions: "Let's assume Dr. Murray was gone for a period of time longer than two minutes ... maybe it was 10, 15, 20. What is it about [MJ] that makes him savable?"

It all boils down to whether the jury buy the new version, or whether making Murray out to be a liar will counter any effectiveness this new tack may have.

NOTE: In case there is any confusion, the defense is not trying to say MJ took his own life on purpose, merely that he woke up, frustrated at his inability to sleep, and killed himself by accident trying to up the dose of Propofol.

The Michael Jackson autopsy photo might shock and awe the jurors, but proves little. Is there enough reasonable doubt to acquit Murray of manslaughter?

What's Your take? Dr. Murray:


I think conrad murry is guilty hands down. At this point doesn't really matter how much propofol he gave mj because he was guilty when he ordered it with the intent to use it for other than what its designed for. Not only was it gross neg intent but it happened to take the life of someone we all loved. We need him but someone else needed him more...RIP Michael


-I think I was a bit harsh with Conrad, he has his degree of mistakes he did with Michael by living at his discretion powerful medicine but Conrad is right that other doctors had treated Michael so the effect of the medicine was given by other doctors also can contributed to Michael's premature death.
- Generaly speacking people like Michael and all goes from doctor to the other and every one of them are experts also the patients has to inform what other medicine has been prescribed to the pacient before and before from one doctor to the other.
- In this case because Michael is death can be determine via pathologycal tests to be find out many tipes of medicine been given to Michael.


Michael did not kill himself. Is not an addict. Is not child molester. How many times do we have to go through this. Murray I'm not happy with u. Before this week, u were having pedicures, buying ties I know it does not matter for the Trail. U were simply enjoying yourself. Tell me .... it doesn't look so good now does it. Does it? (red coming out) I know, u know more. The best u can do right now is to tell the TRUTH. Tell me, who else is involved. Did U & others have a plan. Or will I have to start investigating that too! Things are not finished Murray til the Jackson Family, Friends, Acquaintances, World,Fans sings. 4 Heal The World 2gether As 1


Dr Murray is lying about it all. He put MJ under then went on the phone and forgot to take him back out at the proper time. Did he want to kill him? NO. Did he killed him my neglect? More like YES. He knows that with that drug he must have somebody around him around the clock. First that medication must only be used in a modern Operating room with medical staff around the patient around the clock, to make sure he is out of it (awaken) in a certain time. He should not have done it on his own. But he did and that could be OK since he is a doctor but he has to be vigilant. His cell phone should be off and he should be in the room at all time. He is GUILTY, not of murder but of manslaughter, or murder by neglect if such a thing exist.


@ jennifer:you're asking people why they are commenting? why are you putting your 2 cents in??????????????????????


He should have NEVER EVER left his side because there were way to many drugs around him that he could have possibly taken to me if he didn't do it he allowed Michael to be able to reach for the drugs that he knew Michael was desperate to sleep. I wouldn't want him as a doctor because to me all cared about was his bottom line nothing more nothing less.


How much longer is this gonna go on?!!!!! We already know Conrad Murray is guilty. I mean, look at the poll votes about 75% says he's guilty.


OMG...how in the HELL LONG is this gonna continue?!?!?!?!?! All of this is getting so motherfuckin' ridiculous!!! As far as I'm concerned, Conrad Murray is a manipulative, money-hungry and murdering DOUCHEBAG!!!!! That man is such a WEASEL!!!!! Remember, he also has a VERY VIOLENT history of beating up on women!!! Also, I hear that AT LEAST 2 or 3 of those women STILL each have a restraining order against him!!! Furthermore, I TOTALLY AGREE with Debbz...Conrad is a cold-blooded murderer!!! This trial has gone on LONG ENOUGH!!! Hey, here's an IDEA...convict Conrad ALREADY!!! That way, poor Michael can FINALLY REST IN PEACE and Michael's children and family can ALL get on with their lives!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!


This so called doctor supplied dangerous drugs to MJ much the same as Elvis Presleys so called doctor did to him. This needs to stop. They didn't care about their patients, it was strictly for money. No matter how Michael got the overdose, this man is guilty.



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