Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Witness Finally Puts it Out There: Michael Jackson Killed Himself!

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The late Michael Jackson likely helped himself to extra doses of potent drugs while Dr. Conrad Murray's back was turned and accidentally took his own life.

That's according to the defense's final witness, who finally came out and said, under oath, the theory that Murray's defense has been floating for months.

Murray's lawyers long have asserted that Jackson caused his own death, even as the likelihood of such an event has been discredited by the prosecution.

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Still, White told the jury, in Jackson's last minutes of consciousness, the insomniac took several pills of the sedative lorezepan, then injected the Propofol.

"You think it was a self-injection of propofol between 11:30 and 12?'' defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan asked. "In my opinion, yes," White responded.

White, like the prosecution's star witness, Dr. Steven Shafer, is an anesthesiologist and Propofol expert. The prosecution will cross-examine him next week.

After that, it's up to the jury to determine if there is reasonable doubt to acquit Murray of involuntary manslaughter, or if the prosecution made its case.

It goes without saying that Jackson's family feels they have.

Family members have attended trial every day, wasting little time praising the D.A. - or in this case, denying Michael was responsible for his own death.

His sister La Toya Jackson Tweeted, after a particularly tense Friday in courty: "MICHAEL DID NOT KILL HIMSELF!!! HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!!"

The implication isn't that he tried to, but point taken.

There's also the question of whether that would absolve Murray of guilt even if it did occur. The state contends it would not, and that he's guilty anyway.

Prosecution witnesses say Murray not only gave too much Propofol, he also failed to properly monitor MJ, botched CPR and waited too long to call 911.

That, along with inconsistencies in Murray's own timeline of events, plus startling images like the Michael Jackson autopsy photo, could be his undoing.

He faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

Dr. Conrad Murray:


MJ wanted to live long how can you say he caused his own death? And for what reasons?


Murray was my BABYSITTER when I was a kid. He used Diprivan on me all the time! It never hurt me---but my brother Louis wasn't as lucky. Murray stepped out to chat with some "dancers" and Louis is now in Forest Lawn. Look, friends, Murray's a good guy, once you get to know him. Lay off my babysitter and friend, Murray.


Michael couldn't have self-injected. There were no fingerprints on that. They really expect us to believe that he woke from under a powerful anesthetic, found the drug, which would have had to have been bedside for him to access it (thus showing even more negligence on Murray's part for leaving it accessible like that) and pushed it, causing his cardiac arrest. Yeah, I don't buy it. No fingerprints. Not buying it at all.


Is there going to be civil case against AEG ,since they were willing to pay this creep Doctor Murray to tuck Michael Jackson in bed every night.


MJ didn't kill himself Dr white statement goe against the evidence
There was 1 1/125 of a pill in MJ stomach That was the 10 mg tablet valium that was given to him by Dr Murray There weren't 8 more pills in the stomach as Dr white is saying Also there were no MJ fingerprints on the syringe bottles or IV lines But Dr Murray fingerprint was on the bottle and Iv line All of this besides the standard of care make him guilty Hope we have a smart jury and not a Casey Anthony jury


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@Barry ... Honestly, I don't get it ... In my opinion, you don't have to ve a doctor to understand that what Conrad Murray did was WRONG! He was administering a powerful anesthesia to someone ... In a home. No IVs, correct? No medical reason to administer Propofol. Left the room. Walked out of the room. Called his gf. Gave Michael cpr on a bed ... Say what? What doctor would do that? Is that even proper protocol?,


I'm confused. What is so hard about this case? Propofol is NOT, under any circumstances, ok to administer in a home. Murray abused his license & basically became MJ's legal drug dealer with promises of 300,000 or more $$. He sold his soul. Even if he's convicted, he won't serve much time & definitely will not be in general population.


And if the jurors believe that crap, I'll be livid! I don't believe for a minute that Dr. Murray, meant to kill Michael.... that was his bread and butter; I do find him responsible for negligent homiside (involuntary manslaughter), however. He CAUSED Michael to die... He shouldn't have even had the drugs in Michaels room, and he shouldn't have been giving Micheal drugs at all... So even if they say Michael took the drugs on his own, Dr. Murray brought the drugs to his home!!!!


how has this trial lasted this long? the doc was the only one in the room with michael. he admitted giving him propofol. GUILTY! case closed.

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