Dr. Allan Metzger Testifies in Conrad Murray Trial, Describes Extreme Addictions of Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson had such bad insomnia that extreme measures were needed to help him sleep, according to his longtime physician, Dr. Allan Metzger.

He testified on Monday for the defense in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial, and painted a picture of an often desperate patient.

He said he told Michael Jackson on April 14, 2009 that administering an IV anesthetic outside of a hospital was dangerous and he would not do it.


"He asked me about intravenous sleep medicine. He used the word 'juice,'" he said. "I don’t think he mentioned the word of a specific sleep medication."

"[Jackson] did not believe any oral medicine would be helpful."

Metzger had treated Jackson on and off for roughly two decades and had toured with him, just as Murray had planned to do before his June 2009 death.

Defense attorneys are trying to show that MJ was an out-of-control addict who killed himself via drug overdose the second Murray's back was turned.

Prosecutors says Murray was a doctor who, at the rate of $150,000 a month, gave the star whatever he wanted and engaged in many negligent practices.

They also claim  that there is no evidence that Jackson gave himself the overdose of Propofol that killed him, as Murray's defense has tried to argue.

Under cross-examination, Deputy DA David Walgren asked Metzger if there was "any amount of money" that could convince him to give MJ Propofol.

"Absolutely not," Metzger replied.


There is zero proof that Michael was an addict. All that was in his system when he died was what the "good doctor" gave him. The defense is not doing Murray any favors. Dr. Metzger and Nurse Lee both testified that they would absolutely not give the drug to Michael Jackson outside of a medical setting, and it is certainly not to be used for sleep. Now they want to throw the Demerol theory out there, but there was no Demerol in his system when he died. If he as a Demerol addict, where was any tiny bit of a trace of it? Nowhere. That's where.




He did it all for the money. Saying 'no' is a good thing doctors, regardless of your paycheck. This man isn't even a doctor, he's a drug dealer, and his dealings caused a death.


This doctor is supposed to be for the defense, but while the defense wants to pain Jackson as an addict, they're also painting this doctor as the one responsible for his death. Doctors have responsibilities, that's why they put so much money and time into their education, how many doctors do you know of feed their clients their addiction? He should have given him help, not given him the dose that killed him. Regardless of Jackson's addictions, if his long-time physician said that IV anesthetic outside of a hospital was dangerous and he would not do it, then what the hell is this doctor doing exactly what the other doctor would not?! If I were on that jury, I'd say this doctor was more for the prosecution.

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