Don Lapre, Infomercial King, Dies in Apparent Suicide

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Self-proclaimed "King of Infomercials" Don Lapre, who later went to jail after being arrested for conspiracy and fraud, was found dead Sunday morning.

His body was discovered in his Arizona jail cell after an apparent suicide.

Lapre, who has been a fixture on early AM TV hocking various products, was to be tried within days for allegedly selling millions in bogus vitamins.

Don was facing 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering for hocking "The Greatest Vitamin in the World."

The FDA begged to differ with that description.

Concluding that Lapre was making wild claims about the vitamin that were simply unsupported by evidence, officials locked him up on MANY charges.

Lapre was accused of fleecing 220,000 people out of nearly $52 million. It's unclear how Lapre killed himself, but U.S. Marshals are investigating.

He was a staple on early a.m. TV for years with spots like the one above, in which the salesman tries to sell tiny classified ads out of his apartment.

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Don didn't do anything that politicians don't do and when do they get arrested. When they campaign they tell you lies and their acting skills are at 100% levels. Once in office they think they are Gods over the rest of us by passing laws that they themselves don't have to obey. R.I.P. Don hope you scored the big one.


I remember this guy and his commercials, whenever they came on I could not change the channel fast enough! After seeing him for just very brief moments, and seeing how slick he was, I always felt oily and in need of a shower afterwards!


Lot of elderly got ripped off from this guy, he decided to killl himself and he killed the hearts of his loved ones and those who cared for him. I feel bad for his family, friends, and those he scammed, he was a coward and took the earthly easy way out, but his creator sees it in a different way.


RIP Don. I used to love his infomercials. It allowed me to dream again on some of my low spots. I love people who try and max out there lives. No one put a gun to Antibes head and made them purchase. He also refunded if you didn't want the program. My friend bought his course, he didn't make time to use it and they refunded him no problem. God bless his family, I will pray for you guys.


Deception never ends well. The family doesn't get to dictate how the public feels about that. He committed suicide rather than defend him self in court. He wasn't killed. I'm hoping everyone that was involved will be held accountable. These are not little charges, AND it happened over a long period of time.


Don was a very carismatic guy i remember watching him on tv in the 90s. Its sad that it had to end that way it did.Im shure he could have found a better way to make money.But u know what they say make your bed u haft to lay in it.


It seems to me that they hauled him off to jail because they didn't agree with his beefed up attitude about the products he was selling. I thought he was selling a real estate internet marketing program. He was a major sales dynamo & seems to me he was eliminated. How could he commit suicide in prison and no one knew how it happened? Where were the police when he did it and why don't they know what happened? How could someone like him commit suicide when he doesn't have the personality for it? Come on guys. You can think this one out. Not every story you read is true and not everybody that commits suicide is depressed or mentally unstable. So what exactly is it that is causing so many people to commit suicide? Radio Frequency & Implants. I am sorry for this guy. He seemed so positive & upbeat.

@ cindy

You should look into having your radio frequency implants removed. Good luck with that, hope it works out for you.


Don Lapre did NOT make anyone buy anything.. In any business there is risk! just because people did not make desired money, that means he must lose his life and be hung? Its a shame that the government took it all out and pressed a spirited man down like that due to him having an excellent talent. He was a great motivator and speaker! He gave people hope and made em beleive and want better! Im sure he wasnt perfect, but if he's got to go down like that, then damn - Where are all the other son's of bitches? liars, scammers, BS talkers who promise us a better tomorrow, should we hang the president? ..lame


it's disgraceful that so many of you are so cruel, having no compassion on a man who was so troubled he killed himself. How can you be so hardhearted and so vicious? Who are you to judge this man? Are you perfect? The man made a mistake and messed up his life; but he was a human being who lived and breathed, who was loved by his family, whose hearts have been broken by his death. It's so sad when one feels he has no hope, as he did. May God have mercy on his soul---and yours.


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