Dirty Soap Recap: What is Ailing Kirsten Storms?

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In its first three weeks of E!'s Dirty Soap have had it all.

The new reality show has featured everything from professional conflict to relationship problems, old feuds between friends and even overbearing mama drama.

This week was all about baby making. Sort of.

Jenna and Galen have a different take on the idea of more kids, which is understandable. Life will never be the same if they have more. But will it be worth it?

Dirty Soap Cast

Galen doesn't seem as enthused. Jenna's take is simple: She does all the caring for the kids anyway, so it should be her decision, and she would really like a baby girl.

Jenna says there's such a thing as gender selection, which is totally bogus, and probably something E! had her say just so they could stage this visit to the fertility doc.

The doctor explains that IVF is an option, but one that often results in multiple births. Galen appears equal parts unenthralled with having twins or his sperm tested.

Fortunately for the Gerings, they find common ground on the subject - to table it, for now. There's no rush, and maybe down the road it'll make sense for their lives.

But for now, the status quo is not so bad.

Elsewhere, Brandon Beemer is feeling kind of insecure about his height and body type before modeling at Fashion Week. Nadia Bjorlin is there to pump him up, obvi.

At a photo shoot for this very show, the whole cast assembles ... until Kirsten walks off set of course. Is this another result of the Farah Fath-Kirsten Storms feud?

Unlikely. Later on the set of General Hospital, she sort of pulls the same move again, causing her concerned, smoking hot co-star Kelly Monaco to approach her.

Kirsten admits she's not feeling well, but doesn't elaborate ... yet.

Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer

Farah decides to browse the web (sadly not on THG) for news about Kirsten before calling up Kirsten's friend Tiffany - who is not happy to hear from her - to ask what's up.

Kirsten Storms has endometriosis, and it's bad. Naturally, Tiffany and Farah can't come together to support her but end up arguing over the latter's relationship with her.

Hopefully Kirsten recovers fully and quickly from the painful, gynecological medical condition that's been afflicting her. Endometriosis? Prepare to be taken by Storms.

Meanwhile, John-Paul Lavoisier meets up with Brandon in New York. J-P and ladies everywhere watching at home are apparently in awe of Brandon's six-pack. Hunk.

Nadia, who arrives to support Brandon after all, drops the bomb that Kirsten is being recast (how hilarious is it that they just do that) on General Hospital due to illness.

Farah really wishes she knew what was going on with her friend. She and her mom talk about how worried she is and how this puts their lame feud in perspective.

Brandon kills it at the fashion show. Are you surprised? Look at that guy in the photo above. Now he just needs to spend more time with his better half, Nadia.

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I had endo as a child so I can sympathize with what you are going through. I hope you feel well enough to come back to work soon. You are truly missed.


So do you have any idea when you will be back to GH it is not the same without you. I hope you are feeling better. I had endometriosis as a young girl and had quite the bout with it. I hope you are doing good now.


Good Luck Kristen, I have endometriosis also and it is not a fun thing to go through as you know. It's very painful. I had surgery in 2010 and had some of it removed. I hope you have a speedy recovery! I miss ya on GH! It's not the same without you.


I wish the cast would reconsider to tape a second season. The first season was great, I loved the cast. I'm heart broken that it isn't coming back for a second season.


Kristen we all miss you.soaps arent the same with out you.hope to see you soon.we are praying for you kim


Kristen, I am a faithful watcher of GH and I so look forward to the day you come back. My daughter and I love you. You are such a wonderful actress. We pray for you to get better soon so we can see you again playing such an awesome part. :)


Kristen you really could play the part of Maxie really do miss you on the show and hope to see you back on the show soon hope you have a speedy recovery and continue to recovery and may God continue to Bless you............Hurry Back


Please hurry back Kristen miss you a lot on the show not the same with out you, hope you have a speedy recovery and may God bless you.


Kristen, G.H.is not the same without you. Get well. You made the show for me!


Kirsten, So sorry to hear that you have been ill. I have been a faithful watcher of GH for MANY years and really miss you as Maxie, the one and only. Hope you are back on the set VERY soon!

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