Dirty Soap Recap: Overbearing Mama Drama!

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One can't help but wonder why, in an age where the soap opera is clearly a declining genre (witness the cancellation of All My Children last month), E! has come out with new reality show offering a provocative glimpse into young soap stars' lives.

On the flip side, it's a nice respite from Kardashian shows. Thank you, E!

Besides, we have to give the network props for incorporating THG into last week's Dirty Soap premiere. So, let's break down what happened last night ...

Dirty Soap Cast

Episode two of Dirty Soap (Get it? Soap makes you clean, not dirty!) provided some more insight into the goings on of daytime drama stars you may or may not have heard of.

Once again, the troubled Kirsten Storms of General Hospital fame was a focal point. Last week, we saw her grapple with the demise of her friendship with Farah Fath.

This week, her immediate family, not her soap family, too center stage.

Storms' family situation is certainly less than ideal, as she apparently only talks to her brother. With him leaving for Army flight school, she feels even more isolated.

Fortunately, she has her co-stars to lean on as a support system.

Veteran Kelly Monaco is thinking about dating again, which is great news for red-blooded American males, while Galen Gering channeled his inner Mr. Mom.

The night's major controversy revolved around the mothers, however.

Nadia Bjorlin and John-Paul Lavoisier's moms are totes too involved in their lives if you ask us. We understand close relationships with family, but at the same time, you have to exert independence as an adult at SOME point.

Nads' mama was less than thrilled about her relationship with Brandon Beemer (with a name like that, how could he be anything but a soap star).

Was she too critical, though? Should these kids stand up for themselves more or do they not show enough respect? Interesting study in parenting.

For the four guys who tune in, Storms, Monaco & Co. are easy on the eyes, while female viewers surely won't have any complaints about the male stars.

Can this show build a sustained audience, though? It's unclear.

If you watched Dirty Soap, what did you think of Sunday's episode? If you haven't seen it, check out this preview clip. Either way, comment below!

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I really really hope there is a second season of Dirty Soap! I was addicted from the very first episode! Huge Galen Gering fan...and now a big Jenna Gering fan too!! Love them! As a soap fan Im thrilled to see a reality show about with our peeps! Awesome!


Love the show. Think Brandon is a very sweet guy - not at all arrogant given how handsome he is. Almost insecure. Nadia needs to support him more. And her mother needs to step back. He's working and clearly loves her daughter. What's the problem? Kirsten comes off as a spoiled brat, unfortunately. Sorry she is sick. Maybe her illness made her have the "it's all about me" attitude.


Kelly and Mark, I love you guys, and Dirty soap, with the exception of Farrah (Gigi). She really has some attitude problems and is always cutting people down. She always looks unhappy with everything and everybody. She should not be acting so diva all the time cause she is not really a good actress. I like her character better than her personally. Sorry, but I thought she would act more likable since soon she will not have a job on OLTL. Everyone else is a joy to watch. Hate to say it but get rid of Farrah and the show will be a great success.


Farah is a drama queen. I understand why Kirsten has not spoken to her years.


Help us put together the official DIRTY SOAP drinking game! http://welovesoa.ps/DrinkySoap


Nadia's mom is funny


JP is obviously gay and needs to come to terms with it. Farah is just like his mother. Overbearing. How do these people afford these nice homes?


LOVE Dirty Soap! It's my new favourite show !! Thank you to E! for doing this reality show.


i love dirty soap the cast is awsome ty for putting this show on.


"One can't help but wonder why, in an age where the soap opera is clearly a declining genre (witness the cancellation of All My Children last month), E! has come out with new reality show offering a provocative glimpse into young soap stars' lives." AMEN!!! Like who cares.