Dina Manzo on Alleged Role in Real Housewives of New Jersey Feud: EWWWW!

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In the days leading up to this Sunday's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, the claws have become specially sharp among various cast members. Especially between Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice.

The former recently went off on the latter, referring to Teresa as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and saying Giudice has even turned Caroline's own sister against her.

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But that's news to Dina Manzo, a former Housewife. She took to Twitter last night and replied to those who think she has chosen a side in Caroline and Teresa's war of scripted words.

"eww getting some MEAN tweets," she wrote. "I didn't take sides, don't assume~didn't even know they were not getting along until recently~I'm not involved."

It's unclear why anyone would waste a nanosecond of one's time with these people, but view a clip from Sunday's trash talk-filled special NOW.

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Additionally, I like Dina and think it's great that she's now friends with Theresa and can be civil with her family too (the Don Caro). Hopefully, Caroline won't disappoint us any further and will at least let Dina have friends that she does not. Otherwise, Caroline will continue to decline in popularity even more, if that's even possible.


What a relief to find out this was just another thing Caroline lied about. Blaming Theresa for their problems! She's nuts. And she and Theresa were never friends after ten years... If she never considered her a friend she was scheming something awful for awhile. What a hateful woman!


Andy Cohen was the instigator last night at reunion.He does that for the ratings....and the other bitches follow him to go against Teresa.Manzo is a jeaolus woman.Her book was not picked up thats why she's so against Giudice.Melissa she cannot say if she's black,white,hispanic ,chinese,japonese etcc.Her hubby influenzed her to say that she is 100 per cent italiana.She's black thats it.
Kathy she's a phony,instead to be loyal to Teresa,she takes Manzo's side like the other one.Manzo has an evil side,i can tell.


Teresa had already signed her contract before they even told her, her manipulating waste of space boo hoo self pity party Melissa
was going to be on the show.


It's funny how almost everytime there is problem on this show Teresa is behind it. She gives herself a lot of importance. Why she thinks she should have been consulted by Kathy or Melissa for becoming a part of the show is beyond me. Is she the producer? Is she footing the bill for this venture or is she just greedy and wanting all the fame and glory to herself?? She needs to get a grip and quit being such a B. She and her husband have changed so much it is unreal. They used to be fun. Now they are both just horrible. And yes, those poor little girls! These parents are not setting a good example.


Shame on Andy Cohen for focusing on Teresa instead of giving the other housewives equal time in justifying some of the backstabbing actions that they should have had to defend. No one truly knows the circumstances that this woman has gone through. She seems to have a strong work ethic and takes her wedding vows seriously (for better or worse). She is the way she is (like her or not) and for Caroline to end a so-called friendship over a few comments in a book that her friend needs to sell to get herself out of a huge debt is not very generous nor forgiving from a woman that offers advice on a radio show on issues like this and looks like she is already set for life whether RHONJ goes on or not through her husband and the Brownstone.


I could care less about Teresa Guidice! I am however, extremely concerned that Dina and Caroline are not speaking. I have watched the houswives since day 1 and it is very upsetting to see two such close sisters no longer speaking to one another. My grandmother and her sister went to their graves not speaking to each other. It would break my heart to see that happen to Dina and Caroline!


Dina Manzo is smart enough to stay away from Caroline.Caroline you think you are all that....you are not nothing believe me.You are stupid and a bully.


Gawd...T is just a mean, nasty, hateful, spiteful old goat. She and her husband deserve one another. I feel sorry for those little girls. They'll probably be four more Ashlees.


dina and caroline are sisters caroline is always saying no one messes with her family well what happen with dina she is your sister why would she talk asbout her sister to teresa knowing teresa would tell

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