Did Rob Kardashian Impress Kris, Kim & Khloe?

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Rob Kardashian had much of the Kardashian family in the house to cheer him on last night, but did that translate to big scores for the Dancing With the Stars contender?

Not entirely.

With sisters Kim and Khloe, their respective NBA spouses Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom, and his mom Kris Jenner cheering him on, Rob couldn't quite find the magic.

His dance to “Walk Like a Man” with Cheryl Burke with the wardrobe to match was a fun doo-wop tribute, but his scores fell in the middle of the pack. Check it out:

“Each dance offers new challenges. There was no rhythm. It was awfully stiff. It wasn’t oily,” judge Len Goodman told Rob, while Bruno Tonioli chimed in as well.

“You have to be in charge. It was adequate, but it didn’t have the impact or power needed at this stage,” he said. Carrie Ann Inaba was more gracious, however.

“I definitely think I saw much more charisma out of you … I think you’re right on the cusp,” she said. Will being on the cusp keep him around another week?

Who was your favorite on Dancing With the Stars Monday, and who do you think will go home tonight? Rob, Chaz? Someone else? Share your comments below!


I hope that Rob Kardashian win it this year.. He is doing a good job on it,,So keep it up Rob,,You have my vote


Nancy Grace makes me sick on her talk show where she uses peoples's lives to make her money..She is like a vulcher!!!As for DWTS she sucks..I feel sorry for her partner who has to push her fat a$$ around..


Rob K, has always been pushed to the back,as he is the little brother of the Kardashian, sisters. Well girls he got tired of you trying to keep him your little brother and he is going to show us all what a real man he is. Forget who is in the audience, and have some fun. You have the best Female partner on this show. I see you winning the whole thing and I am in your corner . You Go Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rob is a loser x 10. I bet his father would have been really proud of this douce bag.


I thought Len was out of line as usual. The show would be better without him. Every year these judges have their favorites and it is so obvious. For Nancy Grace to get a 9 from Carrie is ridiculous. JR deserves his scores he is fantastic. They always pick on Rob who is doing fantastic. They always have negetive things to say to him. They forget most of these stars never danced before & they want them to be professionals. For them to say that was the worse dance last night for Maks, they are just preparing everyone to get on their side for their favorite. No matter how bad their favorites are they NEVER give them negative comments. Nancy Grace thats a joke. I am getting more disgusted with this and its the obvious (THE FAVORITES) the scoring. Go back to the way it use to be HONEST SCORING. Why should Nancy be able to tell her audience to vote for her. What about the ones that don't have shows. UNFAIR.


Despite all that, Rob is STILL much more deserving to be safe than Chaz is. Every dancer is entitled to an off-night & even though this wasn't Rob's best dance it was still 5 times better than any dance Chaz EVER did.

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