Dancing With the Stars Smackdown: Mad Maksim Chmerkovskiy Calls Out Len Goodman!

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Dancing With the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy leaves it all out on the floor every week, and does not mince words when it comes to his partners - or the judges.

Last night, the brewing tension between Maks and Len Goodman reached critical mass after Hope Solo received some of the lowest scores of the sixth week.

Goodman insisted that Chmerkovskiy and his partner had their "worst dance of the season” and he knows because he has “been in this business for 50 years.”

Maks snapped back, saying “Then maybe it's time to go!”

Ouch. Watch the routine and exchange in question here ...

Afterward, he wasn't about to back down either. “With all due respect, this is my show,” Chmerkovskiy told host Brooke Burke Charvet. “I help make it what it is.”

What do you think? Was Maks out of line here? Or is he just doing his part as a dancer, defending his partner? And does Len have a grudge against Chmerkovskiy?

Whose side are you on?

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I understand Len is there to judge - but have some consideration for the star that came on the show- she was a soccer player and has improved from the 1st dance- he doesnt have to be so rude with the stars - pretty soon none will want to come on the show another Simon - the show is better without him! Max is very passionette! Hes great on the show - you have to have different personalities and right now the prof dancers are great But we can all do without Len!!!!


I wish Maks would have heid his tongue, but he didnot. He was defending Hope, so I respect him for that. Len does need to cool it down. He is being VERY rude, and a judge does not have to be that rude! Many times he embarrass's me for the stars.I am on Maks side for this one.


I am a dance instructor and studio owner. I understand Max feeling protective of his student but the show is a business and he is an employee. Sometimes the judges compliments are too great sometimes the critics too strong. Len knows ballroom dance, Carrie Ann has some knowledge and Bruno has none. Len is trying to teach. A smart teacher and student should be gracious and listen.


Say bye bye Hope. Remember what happened to Brandy when Max had it out with the judges.


Respect people Max is a asshole, needs not to come back next year, he had words with Carrie last year, He has attitude problem and certainly isn't the best dancer


I hope that Maks and len talk it out and get over their differences. I believe they are both important to the show, I love both of them.


i think that mak is the hotest dancer on the show. in the beginning, he told his partner he was gay. after watching him season after season, even though his ego is out of control, he is the best. Dereck is great also,but I think that his future lies with film and i'm sure he will be wonderful. Maks is able to show true talent even though he may have a poor partner.


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I'm glad somebody stood up to that insufferable man, not that Carieanne and Bruno are that much better, but at least they are a little more diplomatic. Len is the most obnoxious judge I have ever seen on tv and he seems to be getting worse. If the audience enjoyed it, give the couple some credit for entertaining. I love Maks honesty, and he's the only one that has had the guts to stand up to nasty, know-it-all Len Goodman Len, GO HOME!!!


I agree with Maks, judging for some is on ability, I think the hot russian has had enough and it all spilled out. I've noticed some are judged on effort, others ability. I dont think that's fair..by the judges.
On a second note, I take exception to Bruno's name calling. Little penguin, Yoda, he insulted Michael Bolton, made a crude remark last season about Karina in the catsuit..so why isnt he chastized for those remarks, which are totally disrespectful, but Maks was called disrespectful for his remark about Len's age? Nobody should make personal insults, but the judges do it too..at least Bruno.
Maybe it's time for new blood in the judges!