Dancing With the Stars Smackdown: Mad Maksim Chmerkovskiy Calls Out Len Goodman!

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Dancing With the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy leaves it all out on the floor every week, and does not mince words when it comes to his partners - or the judges.

Last night, the brewing tension between Maks and Len Goodman reached critical mass after Hope Solo received some of the lowest scores of the sixth week.

Goodman insisted that Chmerkovskiy and his partner had their "worst dance of the season” and he knows because he has “been in this business for 50 years.”

Maks snapped back, saying “Then maybe it's time to go!”

Ouch. Watch the routine and exchange in question here ...

Afterward, he wasn't about to back down either. “With all due respect, this is my show,” Chmerkovskiy told host Brooke Burke Charvet. “I help make it what it is.”

What do you think? Was Maks out of line here? Or is he just doing his part as a dancer, defending his partner? And does Len have a grudge against Chmerkovskiy?

Whose side are you on?


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What happened to my post? Where is it. I am on Maks side and glad he spoke up.


Go Maks! Len is insufferable. I love it when the audience boos him. He never gets the hint. I liked Carrie Ann until she pointed her finger at Maks and her outburst. The asselled up to Chaz like he was some little baby to sooth. Hope has attitude and needs a little humility, and I don't like that. Len is insufferable and deserved to be told. Go Maks! They fire him and we should boycott!


Thank you Maks for standing & speaking up for Hope. The judges are out of line rude. It's time for the judges to take a time out and stop badgering the dancers and show them the respect they deserve. You had what it takes to speak up! Well Done!


Len is a true professional and a great judge. This is a dance competition, not a popularity contest. If you can't stand the heat, don't compete. Max does NOT make the show. All the other dancers are just as good as Max. He was out of line.


kardahian should be disqualified because of what his sister did.
its about talent and they know he doesnt have any so they do what they have to do. even if its wrong. there lowlife scumbags.


English judges like Len and Simmon need to learn "tack". I feel Len frequently steps over the line in his comments and last night was one such case. He may have been in the business for over 50 years, and his ideas may be old school, maybe it is time to get out - I don't think the program would suffer if he left.


Maks is a big reason I tune into this show. Len is rude to celebrities that Maks dances with unless they are great dancers to begin. Len has an old view point, and Maks is a dynamic young dancer, so are some of the others, but Maks doesn't plan his dances just for Len's approval, which Len knows. Man up, Len, and let it go. Hope has improved and this was not as bad a dance as Chaz's.


Maks seemed like a nice, down to earth guy. Len needs to retire, and that Chinese judge needs to shut her mouth.


Thank you Maks, there is a big differencce between constructive criticism and bulling. Thanks for stating the truth.


If you think Maks is a ... asshole, jerk, "too outspoken", or whatever judgmental classification you think he is, consider yourself shunned upon. Even though this is a pointless show and does no good for the continual future existance of man, i still beleive, firmly, that anybody has the right to speak up and be heard, whether its on national television or in the streets... dont matter. What does matter to me is that old man who is "judging" should "check himself before he wrecks himself" because at the end of the day[or world] there is only ONE judge.