Dancing With the Stars Smackdown: Mad Maksim Chmerkovskiy Calls Out Len Goodman!

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Dancing With the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy leaves it all out on the floor every week, and does not mince words when it comes to his partners - or the judges.

Last night, the brewing tension between Maks and Len Goodman reached critical mass after Hope Solo received some of the lowest scores of the sixth week.

Goodman insisted that Chmerkovskiy and his partner had their "worst dance of the season” and he knows because he has “been in this business for 50 years.”

Maks snapped back, saying “Then maybe it's time to go!”

Ouch. Watch the routine and exchange in question here ...

Afterward, he wasn't about to back down either. “With all due respect, this is my show,” Chmerkovskiy told host Brooke Burke Charvet. “I help make it what it is.”

What do you think? Was Maks out of line here? Or is he just doing his part as a dancer, defending his partner? And does Len have a grudge against Chmerkovskiy?

Whose side are you on?


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DWTS is loosing their "class". It is so rude & unnessary to call people names,(Bruno) and comment on their body types. Comments should only be made as to critique the dance steps,timing,effort, performance etc.And,maybe,short,overweight people do have trouble performing with star quality. And to insult & blame a teacher(Max) for not being able to turn a non-talented guest dancer or one that can not grasp dancing concepts (Hope) in the short learning time,is absurd & sooo unprofessional. Being a "grouchy old man" or a "loud mouth baffon" does not add to anything to the show.


This show has really lost "class". Comments torward dancers' body type & physical appearance is totally unnessary by the judges. It is the quality of dance steps,performance/effort they should only be making comments about. And,totally blaming a teacher (Max) for the poor performance of the student is absurd,some people just can't dance (Hope)


Finally something REAL happened on the show.. Len is so damn rude and critical.He needs to learn the art of constructive criticism without the unnecessary personal biting comments he so often spews!! As for Kerri Ann I am sick of her nympho remarks ..what the hell is going on with these "Judges"??They need to exhibit professionalism..take a cold shower ..and the heavens sake TONE down their allusions of sexual content!! We need fresh air in this show ..that being said, I agree with the above comment."lets see Len Dance"..an how about some REAL Choreographers judging the show , IE: Michael Flattery,..nybody would give us a more FAIR perspective on these Non- Dancers trying their best..Kudos to Max..


I am all for respecting my elders,but Len Goldman is from the stone age. Talk about a grumpy old man judging youngsters dancing in today's contests. That old dinosaur is going to find something wrong with your dancing skills even if you deserve a perfect score. The reason that (Old Cranky) Len is sitting in the middle as a judge is because Carrie Ann and Bruno are going to be *reasonably respectable in their opinions, while Len is going to downgrade the dancers every single time. He has met his match in Maks,who dares to tell Mr. Goldman which way is up. PEACE!!


max is right i totally understand they have to be judge but each accordinally . u have this american hero thats exposing inner women when all she been doing training hard to be best in a grueling sport and she decides to do this show . totally 360 difference and everydance open her self to us may it be a bad interpation of the dance let me see judges block and goal should we judge them because there not tuff enough no we shall base it on merit time spent trying to accomplish it . just like america got talent jakie evacho lost should have one but judges didnt judge right and now whos bigger jakie is , but anyways hope u go have fun win or lose us fans will always see u a winnerrrrrrrrrr love u


It's funny that Max is criticizing Len for taking personal potshots, when he makes poor Hope cry because he says she is unsexy, has balls, whatever. He is never nice to his dancers. The only reason he got mad was because Len said he was half the problem. That's when he blew up. He tried to act like he was defending Hope, but he was just spewing words out of his mouth.


The judges are getting waaaay to personal. Judge on dancing not personal grudges. They have a nice show, but must watch what they say to each other. constructive critisism is good , but not personal attacks.
And do not kill the goose that laid the golden egg.


Len really has no need to be disrespectful to Hope....Bruno did the same thing to Chaz......it DOESN'T need to be so personal...and whatever happened to remembering these people are novices to dancing. I myself would like to see Len out there on the dance floor once so we could see what he is all about! You go Max.....you are one of the reasons all of my friends and I watch.....go dancers!


Thisshowislosingcredibilitybecause0fthelackofuniformjudging.I,m withMaks100%


Good for you Max sticking up for Hope like that. Len should stick to constructive criticism. I know that Hope is a tough person, but Len really crushed her. Max, I am proud of you.