Courtney Stodden Booted from Pumpkin Patch for Revealing Outfit, Responds Via Scripture

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Courtney Stodden got ejected from a pumpkin patch this weekend for... well, being Courtney Stodden.

According to reports, the 17-year old and her middle-aged husband, Doug Hutchison, were simply minding their own business in Santa Clarita Valley, getting into the Halloween spirit, when parents around them complained about Stodden's revealing outfit. 

It was comprised of a plaid shirt, tied into a knot on her bare stomach, and short jean shorts.

Courtney Stodden Close Up

Adria Fauldoner of the Lombardi Pumpkin Patch backs up the story, telling E! News that Stodden exhibited "inappropriate behavior."

"We try to keep our wholesome reputation," Fauldoner said. "There wasn't anything in particular they were doing - just inappropriate."

How did Courtney respond to this alleged diss? By appropriately quoting John 7:24, of course: "Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! :) Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment," she Tweeted.


It's a pumpkin patch people u know where families go with their young children.. you would think she would get it... Yes I agree that if u got the body flaunt it, but not at family events, occasions, or holidays where small kiss are at... Come on now show damn respect. There's a time and place to dress like that preferably in the bedroom... Whomever does her makeup is doing a wonderful job making her look old.


No way in hell she is 17. Even Lindsay looks younger than her!


This women is not 16 or 17!!! she looks like she is 50 years old!!!


^ u sound like a dumb ass these days women are the bread winners...u think a 17yearold should look like that ....I bet ur ugly and fat ur self ...


You know you're a prude when you get offended by a woman wearing an outfit that shows her LEGS and her STOMACH. This is 2011 people, not 1811.


She looks like she is in her early 30's.


In the society of lazy fat-ass women wearing penis pants refusing to dress pretty to play their roles as women in society, it's nice to have a young young white woman who is already married dressing sexy to buy pumpkins for a celebration that promotes dressing who you want to dress for fun: Halloween.


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