Chynna Phillips on Dancing With the Stars Elimination: Not Thrilled!

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Singer Chynna Phillips was voted off Dancing With the Stars Tuesday.

She and partner Tony Dovolani had been at the top of the leaderboard in the past, and were considered by some to be among the favorites this fall.

One clunker of a performance did them in, though, and the former Wilson Phillips member obviously is disappointed having to exit the competition.

If you can even call it that.

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"It really does come down to the votes," Phillips said. "And that's kind of sad because it's supposed to be a dance competition, but it's actually a popularity contest."

"You know, you have to have a little bit of faith that there are people out there who are truly voting for their favorite dance, not their favorite person, because it is a dance competition and people are working really hard."

"It looks to me like that keeps getting undermined."

Maybe. Kristin Cavallari's elimination in week three left us scratching our heads. On the flip side, Phillips' score - unlike K-Cavs' - was among the lowest Monday.

What do you think? Did Chynna deserve to go home?


Just popularity. This will be trouble for the ratings. This reminds me of everybody gets a trophy in grade school and middle school. The best have not gotten distinction. As the socialist say. From each his talents, to each a trophy.


There is no way that she should have been eleminated and Chaz and Carson stay on. She may have forgotten the steps, but she can dance. Carson is very entertaining......Chaz is just sad to watch. I'm disappointed in this season....think the judges score should count for is agter all a DANCE competition!


P.S. Tony is a terrible teacher and choreagrapher anyway, so that doesn't help.


She is just a sore loser, obviously she cant dance if she could she woudn't have forgotten her steps, and yes it is a popularity contest, if she wants to enter a dance contest I'm sure she can find a local contest to pay entrance fee to compete.


She's right


Chynna is absolutely right. Like all dancing and singing reality/variety shows on TV all are turned into popularity shows. I like the way on "So you think you can dance" is decided by the judges who goes home until you are left with 1/2 the contestants, before the general public can start to vote. This way you are left with only the best dancers competing. This keeps the dancing calibre high and at the same time makes for a more exciting semi and finals to crown the winner. However none of these type of reality shows say to vote for the best, just your favorite, therefor promoting the idea that really this is just a popularity contest.

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