Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars: The End of the Journey?

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Monday's Dancing With the Stars performances captured a critical year in the life of each participant. For J.R. Martinez, that year was 2003, when he was wounded in Iraq.

For Chaz Bono, the most defining year has been this one.

Bono said '11 has been his most meaningful because "I'm happier than I've ever been," then danced a rumba to a song that his father wrote, "Laugh at Me." Its message: "If you have a problem with me, then it's your problem, not mine."

Unfortunately for the 42-year-old activist, who's drawn both ire and support as the first transgendered contestant on Dancing With the Stars, his positive attitude, courage and charisma simply don't translate to dancing skills.

His score of 18 landed him in last place for the second straight week, three full points behind the next lowest total. Barring an upset, he'll be out the door tonight.

If so, he'll do so what his held high. What more can one ask for?


Chester oh I mean Chaz only made it this week because Cher is planning on showing up next week .This will help the ratings. Be honest with the us and and send Chester home .


It's the first time I've ever seen a couple win, who looked like they wished they hadn't!! Chaz sucks the big one & it's painful to watch him/her dance. He's obviously tired & wished he could've gone home last night. Everyone else somewhat deserves to be there but certainly not him. He hasn't improved one bit.


Chastity was born a FEMALE and will leave this world a FEMALE. Having the lips of your vagina sewn back and taking hormones does NOT make you a man! I would wager if we could get the truth out of Sonny & Cher they would tell you they are totally disgusted with her -- and -- she's still on Dancing? How does a walrus dance? This is no longer a dancing contest - this is a forum for gays and those who hate themselves. Sickening. Pepto Bismol must be making a ton of money right now.


So much for THAT prediction right? I'd bet money that Chaz doesn't get voted off for several weeks no matter how poorly he dances. Spend 30 seconds looking around the internet and you will find all kinds of places promoting the LGBT community to vote for him even if they don't watch the show. One place gives you the phone numbers and the dates and times to call so you can just make a call on X day at X time and she gets the vote.
The reason putting Chaz on the show was a mistake is that this is supposed to be a dance competition and they instead turned it into a political cause.


Oh my the world is so full of judgemental people. People should have as much courage as Chaz does to do this. Go ahead stop watching DWTS I am sure there are others that will take your place no big loss there. Congrats Chaz keep up the good work we are very very proud of you!!!!!!


Totally disgusted with the results of tonights DWTS show,Chas Bono the worst dancer I have ever seen and he gets thro for another round,give me a break,we lost a beautiful talented couple who could have won it all.


I'm one of the people that will stop watching Dancing with the Stars also if they don't vote him off the show. The others don't have a chance and are alot better dancers than he/she will ever be come on wake up or loss the show.


I am thoroughly disgusted with tonight's (Oct. 4) reults on DANCING WITH THE STARS. I have never seen such a blatant example of political correctness and unfairness with the voting off of the beautiful and talented Kristin Cavaleri and the "hanging on" to the misfit, Chaz Bono. He/She should have been dumped the first week but the GLBT left have done their job saving this dance challenged non star's fanny. Kristin deserved to wind up in the top three with J.R. and Chynna Phillips. She is gorgeous, talented and has a winning personality all of which Bono lacks. If they don't take the voting away from the idiotic public and put it solely in the hands of the judges this show will lose its' huge fan base. I am disgusted enough to quit watching as of now.


My wife And myself are totally discussed with very good dancers having to be eliminated to make room for Mr.Bono because his mother is coming on the show if he moved on. HE IS UN-DOUGHTEDLY THE WORST DANCER I THEY HAVE EVER HAD ON"DANCING WITH THE STARS" WE THINK THAT TO GET THE ADVERTIZING FROM THE LOSE OF VEWERS THEY NEEDED CHER TO SHOW UP FOR THE NEXT SHOW SO MR. BONO HAD TO STAY!!!!!!!I FOR A PARTY OF ONE AM NOT GOING TO WATCH THIS FRAUD OF A CONTEST.


I am so sick of that Chaz getting votes. People are sick as they are not voting for the best dancer.They are voting for a weirdo.Why do people feel sorry for she/him. Give me a break.
Carson is gay but he funny and fun to watch.

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