Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars: The End of the Journey?

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Monday's Dancing With the Stars performances captured a critical year in the life of each participant. For J.R. Martinez, that year was 2003, when he was wounded in Iraq.

For Chaz Bono, the most defining year has been this one.

Bono said '11 has been his most meaningful because "I'm happier than I've ever been," then danced a rumba to a song that his father wrote, "Laugh at Me." Its message: "If you have a problem with me, then it's your problem, not mine."

Unfortunately for the 42-year-old activist, who's drawn both ire and support as the first transgendered contestant on Dancing With the Stars, his positive attitude, courage and charisma simply don't translate to dancing skills.

His score of 18 landed him in last place for the second straight week, three full points behind the next lowest total. Barring an upset, he'll be out the door tonight.

If so, he'll do so what his held high. What more can one ask for?


What a god-damned freak. Sonny should have flushed him as an infant.


Yay! The confused girl is finally gone! I can finally watch the show!


I keep wondering why the worse dancer ever always enters the show LAST and usually performs last or near it. Is this so we remember him/her???? He can barely walk down the steps!!!!


Well its clear that DWTS and its producers are a bunch of cowards Chaz Bono can't dance and if he were not a political thorn in there side he/she/it would have been out the very first time someone had to go.
I hope this is now the end of the show. I know we will not be watching any more. Its was suppose to be
entertainment not a trashy political platform


Chaz will be back as long as he/she is Cher's son/daughter.


Disney, ABC, promotions...Actually, this should be about how hormones taken in excess can really change ones appearance but never their chromosomes.
If anything, this should serve to scare the crap out of anyone ever considering going down this mal-adjusted dis-oriented lifestyle.


Dancing with The Stars is not all about winning, It is about compassion, understanding and courage.
Chaz Bono is courageous, It the the viewers votes that make a
great difference as to whether The Dancer stays on the show. My advice is to let go of the anger and feel joy in your heart.
That was a nasty comment that the person wrote about Go back
to spending Mommy's money and about looking like a pit bull, I think
that person that made these comments should have therapy.


I agree this show has become an absolute joke! Chynna Phillips has one bad night..while the other crappy "dancers" (a term I use lightly, like Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace, CarsoN!?) are left on the show inspite of their bad dance after bad dance!! Seriously, this show should be cancelled!!!


If Chaz doesn't go home tonight, I'm not watching the show again. It isn't about talent - it's about fan base.


Sorry, the show has gone down hill, Chaz who can't even dance istill on. It's because of all the gay woman & men that are calling in more then once. what a farce.

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