Charlie Sheen on New Two and a Half Men: Disappointing!

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Over 27 million people tuned in for the season nine premiere of Two and a Half Men, anxious to see what all the Ashton Kutcher-related hype was about.

Since then, however, ratings have dropped steadily for the CBS sitcom, which remains one of the most-watched show on television, yet has lost about 10 million households since its September opener.

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Charlie Sheen thinks he knows the problem and, no, he isn't about to blame Ashton Kutcher's sordid personal life. The actor simply tells INF Daily that the show isn't very good, he's "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind" and ratings are poor because:

"People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

What do you think, readers? Whose version of Two and a Half Men do you prefer?


I love Charlie - bring him back or this show is over.......


Ashton was used as a pawn to bring down Charlie, and Ash is too dim to figure that out. MEN WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT ON TV. Bring back Charlie. He is a mean poker player, and deaerves a fifth chance. Love ya dude.


well i have nothing against Ashton Kutcher (he is just not a good actor and not very funny despite being very pretty) but Charlie Sheen is right, he made this show funny and quite good is awful.


AShton Kutchner sucks on this show. He is an asshole and needs to leave that who of a wife. Demi is uGGLYYY!! FUGLEY

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