Charlie Sheen on New Two and a Half Men: Disappointing!

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Over 27 million people tuned in for the season nine premiere of Two and a Half Men, anxious to see what all the Ashton Kutcher-related hype was about.

Since then, however, ratings have dropped steadily for the CBS sitcom, which remains one of the most-watched show on television, yet has lost about 10 million households since its September opener.

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Charlie Sheen thinks he knows the problem and, no, he isn't about to blame Ashton Kutcher's sordid personal life. The actor simply tells INF Daily that the show isn't very good, he's "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind" and ratings are poor because:

"People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

What do you think, readers? Whose version of Two and a Half Men do you prefer?

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Kutcher is horrible in this show. Charlie was awesome. I'm looking forward to Charlie's new show on FX, can't wait. They should put it on in the same time slot as Two an a half men and I bet everyone would watch Charlie. ;-). Who wants to watch a naked, immature, whiney so called man Kutcher. Not me anymore. Bye, bye two an a half men.


I miss Charlie! Ashton sucks!


I agree with everyone. Ashton is a whining baby and is terrible
in the show. I will not watch it again. I will stick to the re-runs.
Charlie, Allen and Jake make the show. Chuck put your head on straight and get rid of Ashton, he is terrible. You write the show and it really SUCKS! Eat your pride and get Charlie back.


Miss Charlie!!!! Hate the "new" show. Took it off DVR list


I knew this was gon tank!


The addition of Ashton Kurcher has proven to be an utter failure... Not his fault entirely imo. His character is so stupid it's embarrassing to watch. Alan is still awesome but don't think I love him more than I hate Waldon. Wanted to love it but will have to stick to repeats. I'm sure Charlie has a deep sense of satisfaction, as he should.


i feel charlie is alot better in the show then ashton. point blank! charlie made that part an ashton is messing it up. i understand what charlie did but his acting is off the charts. i hate to see my fav show off the air but keep ashton and ill be glad to see leave. i vote charlie u have more ppl watching an better viewer ratings with ashton its going to keep dropping then it will cancled!


Is Ashton even acting on the show. The bumbling, whiny, immature male he "plays" is no stretch for him. We have seen him "play" the same character in the "70's Show", "Dude, Where's My Car", and let's not forget the Punk'd series. We can also add "What Happens in Vegas", "Just Married" and "No Strings Attached." Sorry to see such a great show fall apart. I love the other cast members, but miss Rose and Evelyn. They added so much to the show. As far as his personal life, I have nothing to say except if it is true, dump him, Demi. I can only hope that he isn't a whiny baby at home too.


The show has lost it's "SHEEN" miss you Charlie!


Ashton Kutcher is indeed a cheat and its wrong. He should have found a wife near to his age in the first place. Charlie Sheen is not perfect either to crticise...did he he forget why he came out of the show in the first place? All the drug abuse and so many woman has made him totally off his head.

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