Charlie Sheen on New Two and a Half Men: Disappointing!

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Over 27 million people tuned in for the season nine premiere of Two and a Half Men, anxious to see what all the Ashton Kutcher-related hype was about.

Since then, however, ratings have dropped steadily for the CBS sitcom, which remains one of the most-watched show on television, yet has lost about 10 million households since its September opener.

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Charlie Sheen thinks he knows the problem and, no, he isn't about to blame Ashton Kutcher's sordid personal life. The actor simply tells INF Daily that the show isn't very good, he's "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind" and ratings are poor because:

"People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

What do you think, readers? Whose version of Two and a Half Men do you prefer?


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i am really one of those people that believes that everyone is good at something but i also believe that charlie sheen is not good but is so frikn great at what he has accomplished in two and a half man if i was the producer i would never stop hiring him even if he makes my life miserable .Long live Charlie Sheen.


Ashton Kutcher is also a good actor for the role and Charlie Sheen is an amazing actor
And the show won't be the same without him
He got found out and had court cases, arrests etc
To do with drugs and prostitutes and custody over his children.
Unfortunatly he got sacked.
And now I think they gave his role to Ashton Kutcher now.


you know whats going to happen????i agree with the opinion that tells we didnt see an opened case of charlie dead....aston cutcher is so terrible so terrible in this series that tha dum chuck will have to take charlie back to save the show.....wait and see........i laugh about aston cutcher because the shoe is going so bad that he had to trim his hair to show us that he is a good looking guy (which he is),and which we knew...but he can even reach charlie perfomance....and if he trims his hair its a desperate move to approach all the dum girls to the show....we dont need himmmm.period and please DUM CHUCK REPLACE THE SHOW ENTRANCE WITH OLD ONE...I VOMMIT EVERY TIME I HEARING IT....
sorry for the bad english....i am greek.


Please Please bring Charlie back. We in Britain will not be watching if that other person who took over from Charlie Sheen stays in. UGH! Even Alan is not as funny.


I don't like the new show bring back charlie sheen if dallas can do it so can you. At one time i loved the show very much could not wait for monday night now i don't watch it anymore not good at all i will give this about another 3 months and not many of viewer will be watching.


Charlie didnt have an open coffin,so no-one saw him - is this in case the new show flops and Rose actually put "Mannie Quinn" in the coffin instead? Means he could be out there, Charlie could be hiding from a mad girlfriend!!! (or his mother) I kind of hope so!!!


I love Charlie Sheen Hope he does well with his new show I would love for him to come back to 2 & a Half men I don't watch it anymore with out Charlie.


I am a huge CHARLIE fan and loved the show...THEN. Now, with kutcher, it is terrible ... will watch no more !


Two and a Half men was my favorite show. Watched the new one once and that was enough. They should of had Charlie leave town or something to give him the option to come back. They made him dying a joke, and stupid. Nothing is funny in the show and is boring. Love watching the re-runs. Love Jake and Allen , they both deseve a better character than Ashton. He is going to ruin them.


I could have thought of a few actors they could have put in this role to replace Sheen. Ashton wasn't one of them! I watched the premiere for about 15 minutes and thought to myself WOW! This is bad tv! And why did they have to kill Sheen off!? I know folks have to work but um, Alan and Jake you need to start looking for other work! Stay blessed!

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