Celebrity Gossip Photographer Files Charges Against Demi Moore

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A member of the paparazzi is making life even more difficult for Demi Moore these days.

Yesterday, following an appointment at a salon in West Hollywood, the actress was approached by a man with a camera. He alleges that Moore screamed obscenities at him and shoved him on the way to her car.

You can sort of judge the incident for yourself based on this photo.

Demi Moore: So Hungry!

This loser of a journalist has now filed battery charges against Moore, TMZ reports, although he has no visible injuries.

Still, the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department has been handed the complaint and open an investigation. Somehow, we blame Ashton Kutcher for this, too.

T jones

Good!....I hate those stupid paparazzi.




thats too bad, demi should have given him matching kick on the balls. Paparazzi is probably on her face and asking absurd questions..as usual.


Demi needs to stop babysitting Kutchner and find a man her own age.Doesnt changing his diapers get old Demi?


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I'm sure they deserved what they got. They probably deserved much, much more.


Demi has long held a good reputation on Hollywood's A-list. Even during her divorce from Bruce Willis, it was finalized with class. In recent months, it appears that being married to *Joker Ashton is No laughing matter. He appeared to be a warm and welcoming male presence
in the lives of his stepdaughters,but Now he seems to be causing their mother Nothing but grief and worry!!


what a great name


Poor Demi. The price of Marrying a man as young as your son is very tough. I believe Demi wanted a son so badly subconsciously, they she had to date and marry a man half her age. Demi is a strong and pretty woman, but too bad their age don't fit in terms eggs and sperms. Should have stored her eggs or something.


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