Celebrity Apprentice: Full C-List Cast Revealed!

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It's hard to believe that years ago, The Apprentice was a top-rated, serious show (as serious as a reality show starring Donald Trump can be anyway).

The quality may have fallen off faster than Trump's non-campaign for President after Obama's birth certificate was released, but hey, it's still on!

The teams were spotted in N.Y. City this week for their first challenge, selling sandwiches, appearing to be divided by gender as was the case last season.

Donald and Bret

Who will be the next Bret Michaels?!

The list of C-list stars set to compete next spring includes American Idol star Clay Aiken, Real Housewife of N.J. Teresa Giudice and Aubrey O'Day.

Beyond that, if you know who all these people are, we're impressed.

Can anybody match NeNe Leakes' fights with LaToya Jackson and Star Jones in terms of drama? And less importantly, who will win the grand prize?

Check out the full Celebrity Apprentice cast after the jump and see:

  1. Clay Aiken
  2. Marco Andretti
  3. Adam Carolla
  4. Tia Carrere
  5. Lou Ferrigno
  6. Debbie Gibson
  7. Teresa Giudice
  8. Victoria Gotti
  9. Arsenio Hall
  10. Penn Jillette
  11. Lisa Lampanelli
  12. Dayana Mendoza
  13. Aubrey O'Day
  14. Dee Snider
  15. George Takei
  16. Paul Teutul Sr.
  17. Cheryl Tiegs
  18. Patricia Velasquez

Who's your pick to win Celebrity Apprentice?


Love Arsenio!!! Paul Sr. will be one of the first 3 out.


doesn't seem to be much more than a c- list...watch out for Lisa Lampanelli....Paul Sr. will be gone early...he cant sstring two thoughts together to make a sentence..


Celebrity apprentice!
What a fucking waste of thime this proram is!
Dionne Warwick & Meatloaf what a waste of time wankers they are.... In their head space.... All important fuckers, legends in their own lunchbreak


Psyched for the ACE man! Best podcast out. YOu have to start listening if you haven't already. Once this show airs im sure he's going to be sharing some rants lol


Okay so when did he start scraping the bottom of the barrel? Teresa Guidice? That women is plain stupid, have you ever heard her speak? The cookbook is a bunch of "family" recipes, not even her own. The woman is a train wreck. Victoria Gotti will chew her up and spit her out. I'm looking forward to Ms. Guidice being shown her real place.


If I know who Arsenio Hall, Dee Snider, Penn Jilette, Adam Carolla, Cheryl Tiegs, George Takei, Lou Ferigno, and Debbie Gibson are you're impressed? You're an idiot. The show is supposed to be goofy fun, not Masterpiece Theatre (which was middle-brow dreck most of the time anyway). But obviously it doesn't meet the exacting taste of a frickin' gossip columnist. Get over yourself.


This is a no-brainer. Lisa Lampanelli will beat out Penn Jillette for the finals. Lisa will destroy those other women. Just as Penn will do to the men. Adam Carolla will be lucky to make it past the first week. He would make a D-list if they had one.


The sleeper here is Adam Carolla, you mark my words.......Final Two.......he loses to Dee Snider.. but it will be close......


I'm offended that you'd list Clay Aiken as a C-list cast member. Watch the show! You'll see what a phenomenal, charismatic guy he is.
I'm rooting for him to take home the Grand Prize.

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