Casey Anthony True Hollywood Story Trailer: Watch, Get Sick Now!

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Casey Anthony's True Hollywood Story special airs tonight on E! In advance of this epic event, the network has released a two-and-a-half minute trailer for her THS.

In it, her former boyfriends, attorneys, journalists and others speak about the woman whose captivated a nation. A brief synopsis of the behind-the-scenes special:

  • Casey seemed like a nice person and good mom, but preferred partying.
  • Caylee Anthony was cute and smart.

Bottom line: Anthony may have been found not guilty of murder, but E! is definitely guilty of sickening exploitation. Check out the trailer and comment below:


like I said before, there are many many children killed all the time by parents, grand parents, and others. This one was publisized way to much. 1. she had a fair trial, she was not not guilty, (let it go people). it was not proved she did it. the trial left doubts in my head. 2. It is Jesus that will make the final decision when the time comes and he will forgive Casey if need be. and so what if she is making money on movies, or tv or books. you will to watch it and you will comment on it just like you have here. get over it.


Sorry E! Won't be watching.....and SHAME ON YOU!!! $$$$$$ ?


I refuse to watch anything that will compensate a baby killer.


I don't want to see anymore about Casey because to me all she cared about was self self and self to me she killed this child and got away with it. If she or her lawyer is making money all of this should go back to the State the ones who truely cared about Caylee and not either one or the other. If the family truley cared about Caylee they would have protected her from this horrible woman who claimed to the mother of Caylee. If this movie comes out I hope NOBODY watches it because to me it all a lie because she wanted to get rid of that child as soon as grandma and grandpa didn't want to look after her so she had to do something and she did period.


Is Casey or her Lawyer getting paid for this movie. If she is you should be ashame .Let is die. Casey knows what happen and in the long run she will pay.


All I have to say is WHY WHY WHY.


For all you saying she'll get her "judgement" in the end, shouldn't that be your God's decision? I thought it was against the whole Christian religion to persecute people without cause?


I'd never watch this. I can't even look at that little girl without crying.


A movie about a "LYING SLUT" and Jose Baez her LYING LAWYER. How sick! Almost as sick as the baby killer driving around Orlando with her baby's rotting corpse in her car. Almost as sick as Baez encouraging her make up even MORE outrageous lies & to throw her own family under the bus so the lying slut could get away with murder! Casey & Jose deserve each other. They are two peas in a pod.


I have comfort in knowing casey will answer to what she did in the end. I dont have to worry about that! I dont need to sit back and Jude when we all have a Judgment day and justice will be done for caylee!