Casey Anthony True Hollywood Story Trailer: Watch, Get Sick Now!

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Casey Anthony's True Hollywood Story special airs tonight on E! In advance of this epic event, the network has released a two-and-a-half minute trailer for her THS.

In it, her former boyfriends, attorneys, journalists and others speak about the woman whose captivated a nation. A brief synopsis of the behind-the-scenes special:

  • Casey seemed like a nice person and good mom, but preferred partying.
  • Caylee Anthony was cute and smart.

Bottom line: Anthony may have been found not guilty of murder, but E! is definitely guilty of sickening exploitation. Check out the trailer and comment below:

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that attorney didnt even know casey as a mother,lol, she met her after the kid went missing,and that crackhead looking roomate..that is one dorky talking character! and all that footage of her playing with caylee, that was probaly the only time she played with her daughter, all a show. When casey got pissed at bi-azz in court and was shaking her finger at him, thats the real casey


Casey seemed to always refer to Caylee as 'the kid' and she did refer to her as 'the little snothead' in that IM to one of her guys. It's so obvious she was celebrating Caylee's death in those 31 days, she never gave a damn about her child to the point where she has kept what really happened to Caylee all to herself. Caylee didn't drown, there's no reason to make an accidental drowning look like a murder. She's a cold-blooded woman, Caylee never had a chance with Casey as her mother. When you're that jealous of your own baby, that child's ultimate outcome is not good.


Judge Perry ordered the release of the video showing Casey's reactions to Caylee's remains being found. That is how the video got released. It was only sealed during the trial so the jury wouldn't see it. Since she was found not guilty (barf), there is no reason to keep it sealed. I will not watch anything on tv having to do with Bozo (Baez) the clown, Ms. Sims, the Finger Man Cheney Mason, or Casey Anthony and family. They all disgust me. There is nothing more they can say that will get me to watch any of these money hungry, money grubbing bandits.


Will not watch this show...just more crap. Has anyone noticed that it is continually one video we see of Casey being a "good" mom. Obviously, that video captured a rare moment. She also sent many IMs in which she referred to Caylee as a brat, often complaining if the parents were not available to babysit. She was a terrible mother and an even worse person. She never mourned her child because she never cared. Jury was incompetent and lazy and in a hurry to get home. Obvious.


It looks like all the same stuff we've seen over and over again. I'm tired of people (like that female defense attorney)insinuating Casey was this great mom who loved and cared about her daughter. It was clear to anyone with a brain and no agenda that Casey's behavior and attitude showed that she could CARE LESS that her daughter was stone cold dead! I don't care if she's smiling and playing in the clips with that little child, I only care about what she did when the cameras were off and she was alone with that helpless little girl when the life was snuffed out of her.


Casey Anthony, her attorneys, and her parents are digusting. They all knew she was guilty of murder. Casey walks among us today, her attorneys and parents. To bad we don't live in the wild west days where we could have hung them all. They are all guilty of murder as far as I am concerned. They are guilty by assocation and deserve to be elimanted just like Caylee was. No sympthany from me for any of them.


Okay..if she was "guilty" ppl they would have proved it. Simple as that. Theyre were to many un answered questions. Why throw someone behind bars and have her face the death penalty if she "could" be innocent? Thats where all of you haters are sick in the hope to god i wouldnt have juriors like you. Thats the problem now a days...all ppl do is one knows the truth except for her and god. If she did do it, you think she is free and not going to suffer later? Mind you if she is guilty, Gods got the best plan for her..not our court system. Ps. I cant wait for the movie!!!


@cherry Casey Anthony is free today because of an inept jury. Ashton's book will be a best seller. Caylee will still be dead and her killer walks among us today (read: Casey Anthony). Let her take your kid for a few days or how about 31 days. In order for Caylee to R.I.P. her mother needs to pay for her crime = she killer her daughter. You seriously need to report for jury duty. Are you from Pinellas County? Have a nice day.


Enough already, Casey Anthony is a free woman today because of an
over zealous and arrogant prosecutor who wanted to retire with his name in lights by overcharging the case. This is just more of the
same and I'm sick of it and the prosecutor's office. Furthermore,
I will not read the prosecutor's book and hope that it fails
miserably. Enough!! Let this child Rest in Peace. It' over.


NVM my brother informed me that video got released last month. I just moved and haven't had tv in over a month so now I know. It should've been shown to the jury, maybe she wouldn't be roaming the streets buying Dolce&Gabbana