Casey Anthony: True Hollywood Story to Air Next Week

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After a lengthy and controversial murder trial surrounding the death of her young daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony was found not guilty and is a free woman.

That much you know. But just who is Casey Anthony?

To this day, the media frenzy surrounding her continues, and despite her disappearance from view, she remains one of the most recognizable faces in the country.

In a brand new E! True Hollywood Story, her former boyfriends, attorneys, journalists and other speak out about the woman at the center of this infamous case.

Casey Anthony, Hair

E!'s special on the Floridian airs next Wednesday, October 19. Some of the quotes from Casey Anthony and those associated with her in her True Hollywood Story:

"If you wanted to hang out [or] go party she was always down.” - Brandon Snow, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend

“Casey was very smart and very popular. She was someone that everyone pretty much kind of knew.” - Angel Rivera, a former classmate of Anthony’s

"You follow someone around, let’s say 24/7, then you only play 1-2 hours of their most difficult time, that does not define that individual. That was an unfair portrayal of her.” - Dorothy Clay Sims, Casey's defense attorney

"She didn’t take off any clothes; she wasn’t up on the stage stripping or anything. It was just her you know, standing around and dancing in a blue dress" - Clint House, her old friend, re:
Casey Anthony pictures in a “hot body contest”

"It started going down like, ‘you’re a baby killer, you killed that baby.’ They were going to kidnap my daughters and see how I like [it] and then they started saying that they [were] going to kill them and they [were] going to send them to me in pieces in a box to my house and yeah... I hate that part." - Zenaida Gonzalez, a.k.a. Zanny the Nanny, on the reaction of the public when they believed she was involved.

“I think the priority should be figuring out what really happened because that’s the only way that Caylee will ever get justice. It’s not seeing [Casey] behind bars and it’s not seeing her out of jail. It’s knowing what happened and the truth.” - Michelle Bart, former George and Cindy Anthony spokeswoman


She is bad persons .and she is full of shit......


Casey Anthony makes me sick. To think that she is going to profit from the death of her daughter makes me sicker. I refuse to watch anything about Casey Anthony!! I didn't even watch this clip. If Barbara Walters does and interview, BOYCOTT BARBARA WALTERS!!! BOYCOTT ALL CASEY ANTHONY PROFITS!!! What goes around comes around...Casey Anthony will get hers. I hope someone puts duct-tape over her mouth & throws in the garbage the the piece of trash she has proven to be.


People aren't letting Casey "be" because she didn't let her daughter "Be." Is that so difficult for her supporters to comprehend? Thank God some people give a crap about innocent children enough to keep the pressure on.


Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her baby. Your kids should br your whole life. My kids and grandkida and my husband are my whole world. My daughter, Lisa died 2 years ago, and I thought I was going to die because I hurt so bad . She was only 37 years old and I don't understand how Casey could kill her baby. I just don't understand it.


That woman should not be called a mother. A mother would never lie like that or cover up the death of a child in any way. At least Caylee is just sleeping in death peacefully. One day she will be welcomed back.




Watch someone break into your house kill your whole family but leave you to take the fall as no dna is left by the killer and the only dna that is found is yours. The murder weapon is found with no fongerprints or dna. Police state no evidence shows no outside killer. You freak and start going crazy thinking you are insane. People spred rumors and attack your house calling you a killer for years. A/k/a, the world we live in. Good luck. Casey not guilty because it is ok to say we dont know regardless of what may seem incriminating.


Every time this is discussed about TRUE HOLLYWOOD, it is an advertisement for the show. I can tell you, the best thing to do with people like Casey is to ignore them. They cant stand it. They crave attention.


I followed this case from Day 1 and was totally shocked by the verdict. I no longer want to see her name or face in the news unless its a report about her being sent to jail for something or an act of vigilante justice, other than that I think people are totally over her bull! Some people have asked "why havent they tried to find the real killer of Caylee now that her mother was sent free", DUH its because she did it and everyone knows that. Its very unfortunate for that poor little baby whose mother is a worthless piece of crap!


She is so "5 minutes ago". She's only free because of 12
brain dead, seat warmers in the juror box. Shame on E for airing such trash! She is more Jerry Springer material.