Casey Anthony Jail Video Released; Accused Murderer Reacts to Discovery of Caylee

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On Friday, Judge Belvin Perry ordered the release of the infamous video of Casey Anthony's reaction to the news of Caylee Anthony's body being discovered.

It had been sealed throughout the trial because another judge had ruled it to be too inflammatory for a jury. But with the trail over, Perry unsealed the tape.

"There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in jail," he ruled, and with the 25-year-old acquitted of murder, ordered the Casey Anthony jail video released.

Here it is in its grainy entirety:

On the day Caylee's remains were found, Casey sat in jail infirmary, hunched over and rocking back and forth as news of the discovery played on TV.

Casey appears to double over, her hands in her lap, and then appears to breathe heavily. Anthony began hyperventilating, before asking for a sedative.

To many, the significance of the video and Casey Anthony's reaction is that the remains had not yet been identified as those of her missing 2-year-old.

Just another chapter in the year's wildest legal drama. Do you think the jury should have been allowed to see this? Would it have made a difference?

Casey Anthony ...


The Video shows nothing, cant hear her cant see her face for the reaction, so it wouldnt of made a difference, so she asked for a senative she couldnt deal with it. Only God knows what really happened to the baby and only he can judge. My heart goes out to her Mother! This is her only daughter and she loss her little grandaughter that she loved dearly. She will have this pain in her heart forever.


the jury found her not guilty!!! the prosecution's evidence was pushed in the jury's faces!!! the jury just didn't comprehend the facts!!! don't know how the jury sleeps at night!!!! don't know how casey's attorney baez (the one with the weird haircut--wings at his temples) can sleep!!!!
forget about casey's sleeping-----she sleeps with the devil!! god bless caylee and her grandparents (the anthony's), especially mr. anthony for having to endure such horrible accusations! and thank to judge perry that he is releasing this information and hopefully more to the public. i believe that baez should be brought in to court and sued for the horrific things he said about Mr. Anthony. i am glad baez isn't my father or husband!


she was guilty there's no doubt in my mind. and they should had let the jury seen this video taping. but she will have to live the rest of her life knowing that she took her own daughters life. i hope she never has a peaceful moment ever the rest of her life


This TRAMP skated,This TRAMP NO that she KILLED her BAby, but this is going to haunt THIS BITCH for the REST of her LIFE...KARMA is coming for her just no.Micheal Jackson just haug his kid out the window so that the fans could see his and everybody thought that was a crime.THIS BICTH KILLS HER DAUGHTER BURIRD HER WITH A BEAR,AND WENT TO THE CLUB AS IF NOTHING HAPPEN.THOSE JURORS I DONT KNOW WHAT WAS ON THERE MINDS,BUT SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT ABOUT THAT TRAIL.CASEY ANTHONY TO ME IS A MURDERER AND ALWAYS WILL BE....


this is a woman not concerned for her child, but realizing that her fate was sealed..or so she thought.....this is a huge injustice to caylee and the jurors shouldve seen...if we can allow testimony from a man who never treated her, then this shouldve been seen....SAD DAY ON JULY 5TH FOR CAYLEE!


I think it definitley would have made a difference if the jury would have seen it.


The jury should certainly have been allowed to see this. Body language is as importat - or more important - than words. What a shame it was withheld from the jury, but Casey will have to live with this the rest of her life. My heart goes out to her father!!!

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