Caroline Manzo Goes Off on Teresa Giudice

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey continue to trade soul-jarring insults. To wit: Teresa Giudice believes Melissa Gorga is the devil, while Jacqueline Laurita labels Teresa as scum.

Now, Carolina Manzo is getting in on the bashing game, going off to Us Weekly about Giudice, who dissed her co-star in her Fabulicious! cookbook, referring her "as Italian as the Olive Garden." That's pretty good, actually.

Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo, and Teresa Giudice

"Teresa is a wolf in sheep's clothing," Manzo says, adding of her former friendship with Giuidce: "It was all a charade" in Teresa's eyes.

On this Sunday's reunion show, meanwhile, Caroline describes how her bond with sister Dina, a Giudice ally, has been damaged due to Teresa's actions. The siblings aren't speaking these days.

"[Teresa] is hurting people to bring herself up," Manzo says. "We all make mistakes and can be cruel and heartless in the things we say and do, but [Teresa's behavior] is different - premeditated. To sit there and try to hurt someone... assault their character, it's unacceptable. I'm done."

Until the scripts for next season arrive, that is.



Don't diss Caroline - she's got her head screwed on the right way. What a great role model to all mothers and women in general. As for Teresa... The saying is so true "you can really tell how smart a person is by the size of their forehead" - just look at Teresa's forehead, it says a lot.


jackie from new jersey housewife looks like she is always smoking weed. she is bipolar! she threw her daughter under the bus so many times and then she threw her bestfriend under the bus. she needs to be put in a straight jacket. she is so mean and hateful and evil to her daughter and friends. there is a old saying watch how your friends treat their daughters and sons if they treat them bad expect them to treat you the same way!
ashly should have called cps on her mother long time ago!


Caroline is jacking with teresa livelyhood. she wants teresa fired for putting in her cookbook something about her son. and caroline has been talking smack all year long about teresa children and her husband
double standard
bravo should get rid of caroline. she is boring and irritating and a stick in the mud


Teresa is the only reason I watch New Jersey Housewives.


I love Caroline.Teresa is annoying I actually fast forward when she talks her voice is very annoying and her daughters do not behave as well as she says they do. What 3 or 4 year old yells at her mother and smacks her hand away,really Teresa. Her husband(Juicy Joe,LMBO) treats her like crap and she takes it what message are you sending young women?!


Caroline finally got what she deserved! She is a phony, doesn't speak to half of her family, her husband is in trouble with the governor, and she doesn't acknowledge her children's desires. She runs over anyone who gets in her way, even at Melissa's party. The feud with Dina started long before this episode. Teresa did try to be friendly with Melissa, and as far as it appears, they have mended their relationship. This is a publicity stunt. It is ridiculous but I can't turn away!


No, that's a big INSULT. The Olive Garden is fake fake fake Italian food. It's like saying that Lipton Cup-a-Soup is authentic American cousine when it's just fake food.


I love Caroline, and I love the Olive Garden. That is all. Oh, and Teresa is scum.


you go caroline! you're the best show her who's boss

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