Caroline Manzo Goes Off on Teresa Giudice

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey continue to trade soul-jarring insults. To wit: Teresa Giudice believes Melissa Gorga is the devil, while Jacqueline Laurita labels Teresa as scum.

Now, Carolina Manzo is getting in on the bashing game, going off to Us Weekly about Giudice, who dissed her co-star in her Fabulicious! cookbook, referring her "as Italian as the Olive Garden." That's pretty good, actually.

Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo, and Teresa Giudice

"Teresa is a wolf in sheep's clothing," Manzo says, adding of her former friendship with Giuidce: "It was all a charade" in Teresa's eyes.

On this Sunday's reunion show, meanwhile, Caroline describes how her bond with sister Dina, a Giudice ally, has been damaged due to Teresa's actions. The siblings aren't speaking these days.

"[Teresa] is hurting people to bring herself up," Manzo says. "We all make mistakes and can be cruel and heartless in the things we say and do, but [Teresa's behavior] is different - premeditated. To sit there and try to hurt someone... assault their character, it's unacceptable. I'm done."

Until the scripts for next season arrive, that is.


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Teresa is mad that her man messed up there money,and everyone else dont have money problems. Trying to live like you got it all you broke.


I LOVE TERESA!!! Her children are beautiful, and I think everyone needs to back the hell up off of trying to humiliate her!!! She has been through more than anyone else on that show and still she is smiling!!! Keep your head up Teresa they are all just jealous!!! Kimee from prague oklahoma


I watched the reunion last night and Caroline looked like a bully who got her feelings hurt. Boohoo! Melissa looked like the freshman in high school who had the bully on her side against her nemisis. Teresa is crazy, but I think she was being honest. Kathy, what is she there for? Useless. And a turncoat--she is not related to anyone except Teresa. Get your family ties straight girlfriend. She and Melissa both backed down when Teresa explained things, and even smiled about it. Teresa is teresa. Caroline is just jealous--no cookbook, no endorsement, no Apprentice. Boohoo! That's what you get for being fat and ugly and a bully--half of her family doesn't speak to her, she pulled the same stint on Danielle. She made a fool of herself.


what was wrong with Caroline Manzo last night at the reunion with her puffy lips - she looked mad throughout the entire hour. She seems to be always right and knows everything - I think it's time for her to take a leave of absence from the show.


Love Teresa... Carolyn Manzo is so jealous because no publisher wanted her cookbook.


Caroline is bully. There is only way you are goning to survive in the NJ housewives. You have to ebey Caroline and do what she want syou to do. But I am so pride of Teresa to stand up for herself and I know she will survive this drama.


So Caroline Manzo who hasn't spoken to one of her brothers in over 12 years, who wasn't even listed as an aunt in her nephew's obituary, Chris was listed as was MOST of the rest of the family, gives advice on family and is some kind of role model as to what a family should act like? Her daughter is treated as a nonperson, her family mimics Cajuns, and anyone NOT them, but make ONE obviously kidding comment about her appearance on Rachael Ray, the meatballs and Olive Garden 1/16th Italian..and her daughters not growing up to be strippers in a carwash is a slam at Chris? Ok if you reach..Caroline is a great mom and family oriented, sure she is..... And if Joe, Melissa Kathy and Rich REALLY wanted to fix their family they'd have done it OFFSCREEN...they are on TV BECAUSE of Teresa and their feud with her, fame is what matters to them, not family and it is SAD!


Teresa is nothing but scum!! Her children are horrible!! They have no respect for anyone and neither does Juicey! They are only concerned with themselves..Jackie should have kicked Ashleys butt out way back! She needs to get out on her own and learn how the real world works! She has had all kinds of opportunities and blown every one just so she can party!! Caroline and her kids are great..She tells mit like it is!


Dear Abc
Get. A. Life.


I think the last few posts were written by the same mean, angry person. Your posts are nonsense. If you think that Teresa is at all a decent person, then you wouldn't recognize decency if it bit you in the butt. By the way, what grade are you in? You need a refresher course on how to properly write, form a sentence, use punctuation, and spell. Btw- that saying does not exist. You made it up just like all of the other ridiculous, untrue things you said.