Caroline Manzo Goes Off on Teresa Giudice

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey continue to trade soul-jarring insults. To wit: Teresa Giudice believes Melissa Gorga is the devil, while Jacqueline Laurita labels Teresa as scum.

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    Caroline Manzo is a know it all. She always tilts her head to the right trying to look cute and sweet. She is far from sweet. She is a control freak. Her poor kids. OMG can they make a decision on their own. Does mommy and fat Al always have to be in the middle of everything. Caroline is mean to her daughter about her weight. She is a great girl if she would just stop listening to her mother.


    People in show business have to make money ,they use angry people happy people sad people,make the people fighting ,sex,love , teresa purscelley


    Love Real Housewives. i think Teresa is a fame hungry money grabbing cow - but she's fantastic to watch!

    I like Caroline and her family, the boys are funny, I like her daughter who voices her body concerns - so many other young girls would feel the same.

    Wish Danielle would return - she was entertaining also.

    I don't really like Jac, I can't work out if she's nice and hard done by or if she's a bit twisted.

    Melissa, Joe and Kathy have been good additions.

    Families can be like this, but this is played outbin public and each one of them wants a bit more air time and to hear of the public standing up for them....fame addicts!

    Bring on the next series, I'm so traguc, I love all the Rho except Miami.


    Good Lord, if anyone indenfies with Tree then you are an idiot just like her. What a flipping loser and her husband is pond scum.


    caroline, you are mean, and if you didn't want to be teresa's friend for year,(as you said on the reunion 10/16/11) then you must be the worse fake friend of all, you played if off well, I kne it, I saw through you, you are jealous and need to get off the show, you're borimg!!


    Teresa reminds me of John Gotti, who was called the Teflon Don. She never lets anything stick to her even the truth. Example, Melissa says Joe Gorga was not invited to some party by Teresa. Sodit her fault because she should have read it on Facebook. Teresa is very sly and cunning and makes the show interesting, but she is hurting her family and friends in the process.


    If you notice on all the reunion shows Caroline always looks like shes smelling poop with that stupid look on her face.Shame on you for acting all high and mighty and being rude to Melissa and Kathy when you didnt even know them.I hope Teresa lets you have it,then I hope Teresa and Joe go to jail for all their wrong doings.That will teach the both of yous.Your kids need to be taken away.Jacqueline,you need to kick your daughter Ashley to the curb.She is a freakin loser.I bet you and your husband havent had sex since the show started.Danielle,you need to come back and put everybody in their places.


    do you ladies really think its worth becoming famous? cant you see your beatiful children's spirits are slowly been destroyed! they will always remember this, how sad for them to be part of this mess!


    caroline, you are so boring, and super jealous of theresa, she is one smart beautiful tiger!


    caroline, you are so jealous of theresa giudice, she is way smarter than you, and way prettier, so get over it and move on, you should also try to work out with your boring daughter, no wonder your book didn't sell. If you want to sell something like a cook book you have to look good.

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