Caroline Manzo Calls Out Teresa Giudice, Addresses "Miserable" RHONJ Reunion

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Part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special last Sunday night was so contentious, it was almost as if cast members had been told what to say and how to act. That's totally ridiculous, of course, we know.

The harshest exchanges took place between Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice, as the former went after the latter's marriage and financial woes, among other topics. Does Caroline have any regrets?

A Real Housewives Reunion

Not really. In a new blog entry, Manzo says the experience was "miserable," but "I was telling the truth... I couldn't hide my feelings. I didn't see why I should at this point."

Among specific topics addressed by Caroline online:

Her reference to Teresa's cookbook as being as Italian as the Olive Garden: "We joked [about that], but here's the difference - we didn't joke about my son, Melissa, Kathy or Richie... To use my words as a defense against your insulting remarks towards my son is unbelievable. Apology not accepted."

Caroline's relationship with sister Dina: "Congratulations, Teresa, the only thing you succeeded in doing was hurting my parents. What a fool I've been in my efforts to bring your family together when it was your intent to destroy mine from the start. Shame on you."

Her overall reaction to the argument: "Unlike you, Teresa, I can look in the mirror and hold my head high knowing that I have always given the best of myself to my family and friends. I live my life with integrity and self-respect."

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Teresa's reactions to the other 3's comments or questions tells it all. She gets so defensive & wouldn't let them answer anything. To me that's a sign of defense because she's lying. Her husband is a low life who instead of admitting we are financially hurting & need the support of family, he decides to put the family down. They are both pathetic & I feel for their children.


These housewives (so called reality) shows are supposed to be based on the "well-to-do" housewives. That's the way Bravo wants them to be/act if they want to stay relevant to the show. Who would watch the show if they didn't "put on a show"? We seem to be complaining about the very thing that keeps us watching every week.


TMac- did you actually refer to RHOA as classy? No you didn't. While everyone can cut up RHONJ, they're not w/o class. Theresa is. The rest are gals I'd like to spend time with. Honest, fun loving, family oriented... Not as bad as you think...


These women are all doing and saying mean and spiteful things, all of them. They should get off of tv and work towards having more peaceful and meaningful lives. I've never seen such an ugly and chaotic show and after 2 episodes have had more than enough. It's like the worst people you ever knew in high school being complete and total lunatics, just for a few fleeting moments of "fame." ICK!!!


Teresa is way out of her league with these woman.Her 3rd grade education leaves her always looking like the foolthatshe is.I wish someone would tellher to quit and take care of your children as the embarressment and shame she continues tocause her children should be a crime!Between her filthy vile language coupled with her violent temper, these kids dont have a chance in hell!We wonder whats wrong with the children today! Mommy dearest is running around Nj chasing people, tossing people on tv, and using such vulgarity when she gets angry. great job Teresa


Teresa is a prime example of a person craving fame so bad that she will go about it in every wrong way!She is a disgusting, vile, souless excuse for a Woman!She was a train wreck on the reunion show.I dont know how she sleeps at night with the skeletons in her closet!Teresa has very serious mental issues and should spend most of her time working on understanding what family and friendship is all about!dont think for one minute thatany of these ladies ever confided in her about personal issues as ,she is a time bomb.This woman is nothing more than a criminal who makes her way in the world by scamming and screwing everyone! sham on anyone who can even think that any good lies within these scum bag! The other woman may have problems but they dont rob from the tax payers, cheat the irs,forgery on bankruptcy proccedings,and stick up for a loser like her foolish husband who cheats every chance he gets! bonnie and clyde! get a life!


The one thing that was apparent during the reunion was Teresa squirming because all the arrows "big T" shot were coming home to roost in her. Loved every second of "big T" and her karma. You can't even logically make big T understand anything because T is that dumb, even her own words work against her and she's ignorant and proud of it. I don't know how she got to be as old as she is, as ignorant and stupid as she appears.


Funny that @jaclaurita didt go to the reunion but during the entire thing she tweets about T. i used to love them but seriously its gotten old. I dont care if T files bankrupcy 800 times but thats all Caroline and Jac can talk about. They all need to get over themselves. Also funny how T said she didnt want her family on for these reasons! I cant stand Melissa and agree shes a gold digger, she always looks repulsed!


Teresa is so wrapped up in trying to convince the public this image that her live is so fabulous, when we can all see it is anything but. She needs to wake up and get real (not reality real) about her issues or she is going to lose a lot more than she already has, like her marriage, control of her kids, relationships with her family and friends and even her precious house. Time to grow up, be a real woman and face your problems head on!


These two make that Daniella crazy look almost normal. RHWOA are much more interesting, and with class.

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