Bruce Willis: Pissed at Ashton Kutcher!

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Bruce Willis gets along incredibly well with ex-wife Demi Moore. Kelsey and Camille Grammer this formerly married couple is not, as they've been known to vacation together with their children and new significant others.

These trips have included Ashton Kutcher, of course. Willis and Moore's latest husband are pals, as evidenced by the 2008 photo below. Or they were pals, at least, prior to Ashton getting his Sara Leal on.

Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher

“When Bruce found out he flipped,” an insider tells Britain’s Now magazine about Kutcher's infidelity. “Bruce believes if you mess with someone he loves, you mess with him. He trusted Ashton not to hurt his family and is planning to give him a piece of his mind. When he finally catches up with him it won’t be pretty.”

You have seen Die Hard, right, Ashton? What about Die Hard 2? Or Die Hard 3? Make a run for it, man.



I'd like to see Bruce and Demi back together. Never understood what she saw in Ashton in the 1st place. I always thought he was kind of goofy looking!


who the fawk cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Like to know what Chuck Lorre has to say?, Charlie wasn`t that bad!!!




I'd have Bruce Willis over this fool Ashton Kutcher any day. Demi can do better and already has, is what I mean. So after the (inevitable) heartache is gone, she should be fine


Recognize your own faults, don't blame on others, their faults is your fault. Poor Demi. Let go the cheaters. Your bright future is ahead of you. Blessings. Love you Demi Moore as always.


Do we REALLY know all the details? Maybe Demi was cheating too? Weren't they doing menage-est-trois with other people in their bedroom already?


Bruce and Ashton did the same thing to DEMI MOORE! Poor Demi!

John e

What is the big surprise about?Everyone knew at sometime ashton would do it.Demi,is like fine wine,PERFECTbut aston is still young and likes MAD DOG FORTIFIED WINE that makes him wild get it"Hell i will take DEMI any time and im 71yrs old,i sure as hell know what to do.


If he's getting tired of being with an older woman he shouldn't have married her. He's probably bored and wants to do whatever to feel satisfied.

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