Britney Spears vs. Pippa Middleton: Who's Prettier in Plaid?

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Britney Spears and Pippa Middleton both look pretty adorable in plaid shirts.

Interestingly, both donned them in London, England. The singer was in town last month for an event at Radio 1 studios, while Pip ... lives and works there. Pippa Middleton pictures from her daily commutes have become a staple.

It was an unexpected surprise to see either dressed in such a way - Britney in a short-sleeve number and Pip in a Burberry, black and red long sleeved one.

Who's the prettiest in plaid? Vote in our Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looks prettier in plaid, Britney Spears or Pippa Middleton? View Poll »

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britney is beautiful and pretty too :)


If u dont knw what lmao means it means laughing my ass off oh gosh i still am


Oh wow im lmao right nw pipa u need an update


For the 4 pple that sed pippa i thnk u r totally 20008000 yEARS pple 4rm Now r wat if brits shirt is 2 small(say the weirdos) its not 2 small its perfect 4 her body.anyway shes young shez enjoying ly5.unlyk old granny pipy shirt 2 big.=> =) =] =}


Well... britney of course.. pipa looks like a man... brit's rockin body perfectly makes the dress looks so hot. ... by the way, britney can make anything look hot and sexy...


Britney Spears looks gorgeous there.. :) I love Pippa, she's fashionable.. but hello,, Britney is the BOSS! ;) My vote goes to Brit!


Both are gorgeous, but Britney ROCKED it :)


Love me some Britney! She is more fashionable, but definitly needs a bigger size. lol I don't get all the hype about Pippa. She looks ridiculous in that.


Before I saw the pic I thought I would be voting for Pippa, but after seeing the pic I changed my mind. Britney actually looks pretty good even though she is wearing a shirt one size too small.... What's up with that! Still tacky, but she looks good. Pippa's look is blah... could be a logger's wife!

Regina arrendell

Brit needs the next size. Pippa's needs some darts for shape. I think Pippa looks best even though it isn't outstanding!

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