Brennin Hunt Aims to Be Bigger Than Lady Gaga

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I want to be the biggest superstar on the planet. I want to be bigger than Lady Gaga.

Yes, it's safe to say 26-year old Brennin Hunt is a confident young man. The Nashville native, who auditioned for The X Factor with an original song and told viewers at the time he believed he was the total package, sang for LA Reid and Rihanna on last night's edition of this Fox competition.

He covered "Like a Star" and reminded us a bit of John Mayer, but Rihanna had less flattering words for the hopeful. She thinks he's a bit "corny" and compares him to a "90s boy band." Ouch. Judge for yourself, readers;


First of all getting Rihanna's opinion on a singing competition is ridiculous, she does not have a good voice at all, and for those of you who think she does and that I am wrong, just youtube her "live in concert" and you will get to hear her and not some studio edit. Second, for some reason The X Factor has decided to make Brennin look bad from the start. The guy is actually humble, once again if you think I am wrong, youtube his interviews from a few years ago and you will get to see what I mean. Finally, this guy has a great voice, and if he is smart, he will not let this stop him. Try American Idol, you need a national audience and not just the audience in Tennessee.


Hey its X Factors version of Bikini Girl!


Rihanna that's nice idea. He should wear diapers! Trying to compare himself with GAGA unless it's more crude way to do!

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