Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus: Engaged!

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One major announcement down. Another on the way?

With rumors still floating around that Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus are expecting a child together, the pair confirmed today that they are getting married! Tweeted Miley's brother this afternoon:

"I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES! We are both very excited to be engaged!!"

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Chatter of a Song pregnancy first picked up in August, but the actress' mother came out a few weeks later and shot down the rumor. Still, Brenda herself has not issued a statement and is now engaged to the man who allegedly knocked her up.

But, hey, they could simply be in love! Our best wishes to the young couple either way.

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They don't go together.


Come on guys, if they're happy, just leave them!


Such a weird couple she is so pretty and he is so... Not.


I personally am happy for them. They are people too and deserve to have happyness. Why would anyone say they shouldnt be together or that she deserves better. Do you personally know them? You dont know who they really are and what would make either of them happy. How would you feel if a complete stranger came up to you and told you that you dont deserve the happiness that you have found? Just be happy for people. Whatever happebed to the golden rule. I hope that they ignore whatever people are saying about them and can live THEIR lives the way that they want and can be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.


wow I cant believe she is marrying this loser!! she deserves better because she is better way better!!!!

@ nicki

Leave them alone! If they're happy, they're happy.


I love reading peoples posts. Like anybody has any room to judge whats right or wrong for anybody. Why can't people just be happy that others are happy and move on. So many haters...sickening. :(


@natashia, and why shouldnt they date? Seriously, if brenda is happy with him than we shouldnt be hating on him. Mostly the reason everybody doesnt like him is because of all the tattoos on him and thats whats so wrong with the society today is that their are so many judgmental people out there. I hope everything works out for them both and that they have a happy life together.


wth! i thought disney channel people were round down there!


Totally agree with @natashia ...


Shes doing what Ashlee Simpson and Beyonce sister Solange did to keep her good girl image squeaky clean: had sex, got pregnant, tried to cover it up by marrying AND THEN announce the happy news of `We got married and now we are pregnant` oh please! Trust me that aint gone work. Look where Ashlee and Solange ended up, divorced & raising their children on their own. smh

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