Breaking Dawn Actor on Team Robsten, Team Taylor

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Kristen Stewart confirmed what we've all been guessing for years now: she is, indeed, getting it on with Robert Pattinson.

Now, in equally breaking news regarding this couple, Twilight Saga star Chaske Spencer (werewolf Sam Uley) tells Us Weekly that both halves of Robsten are "very, very down to earth."

What about Taylor Lautner, with whom Spencer shares many scenes? That six-packed stud "is going to make a great action star," the actor said, adding:

"When we first met, I thought, 'He's going to be the next Tom Cruise.' He's got that edge to him. He's so talented. He can go anywhere, just like Tom."

Hear that, Oprah's couch? Look out. You'll soon have another visitor.


I love them both. But Rob Pattinson rocks! Robsten 4 life!


They really look good together (Kristen and Rob). I just hope that they will end up as together in real life like forever. I love them both!


I hope they both do well also. I don't root for one and bash the other. I love them both and hope to see both of them on the big screnes. Just in two different kinds of movies. More on the action side for Taylor and when am in the mood for a love story Rob.


They make a cute couple!


Ok, THG you made me Lol for the first time :D (tom jumping on Oprah's Couch was priceless) I love THG it's one of the better gossip sites. As for Taylor's acting it will be interesting to see how far he makes it in Hollywood. I wonder who will be the biggest star once all the Twilight hype died down. Rob or Taylor? Well I wish both these guys good luck.

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